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How do I fix X1 and Flex Peacock problems?

If you’re experiencing issues with your X1 TV or Flex box, you may find these troubleshooting steps helpful.

 Is your show still stopping and starting? Try the following:

  • Exit and restart your show - To do this, press the Back button (←) on your remote. Then just select your show or movie again, and start watching.
  • Close the Peacock application
  • Press Home on your remote to exit the application. Then press Peacock to re-open the application and try your show again.
  • Manually adjust your data settings - Changing the amount of ‘bits’ of data (the techie term is bitrate) streaming through your X1 or your Flex TV box could reduce buffering.
Press these buttons quickly on your remote control
  1. Home x5
  2. Rewind x3
  3. Fast Forward x2

You’ll see a screen with various bitrate options. Just select ‘Automatic’ and try watching your program again.

  • Connect your TV box with an ethernet cable - If your TV box is positioned near your router, try connecting with an ethernet cable to avoid any Wi-Fi problems.


If you’ve given the above suggestions a try and your Peacock show still isn’t streaming properly, select the Get in Touch button on this page to contact us and we’ll investigate.

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