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  • The Suffolk Strangler
    Episode 144 mins
    Steve Wright brutally killed five women in 2006, and is known as the Suffolk Strangler.
  • Yorkshire Ripper
    Episode 243 mins
    Examining the prolific murderer, Peter Sutcliffe, who over five years killed 13 people.
  • The Soham Murders
    Episode 343 mins
    Ian Huntley murdered two 10-year-old girls in a case that changed the course of British policing.
  • Joanna Dennehy
    Episode 643 mins
    Joanna Dennehy violently stabs three men to death in March 2013.
  • The Crossbow Cannibal
    Episode 744 mins
    A chilling look at Stephen Griffiths, who in 2009 viciously murdered three women.
  • The School Girl Killer
    Episode 944 mins
    When Tia Sharp disappears, Stuart Hazell helps police search for her.
  • The Hungerford Shooter
    Episode 1143 mins
    In 1987, Michael Ryan killed 16 people Hungerford, Berkshire, before turning the gun on himself.
  • Mick Philpott
    Episode 142 mins
    Mick Philpott is found guilty of causing the death of six of his children by arson in 2013.
  • The Monster of Wales
    Episode 242 mins
    April Jones disappeared in 2012; her abductor and murderer is Mark Bridger.
  • The Grindr Killer
    Episode 343 mins
    The Grindr Killer, Stephen Port, murdered at least four men from gay social networks.
  • The Killer Boyfriend
    Episode 443 mins
    Analysis of what drove Raoul Moat to commit his crimes.
  • Roy Whiting
    Episode 543 mins
    A profile of child killer Roy Whiting, the sex offender who murdered eight-year-old Sarah Payne.
  • The Railway Killers
    Episode 643 mins
    A profile of the two murderers who terrorized Britain in the 1980s.
  • The Sunderland Strangler
    Episode 842 mins
    Steven Grieveson murdered four teenage boys in 1994 in his reign as the Sunderland Strangler.
  • The Breaking Bad Killer
    Episode 942 mins
    The case of Stefano Brizzi, who murdered and consumed part of a police officer.
  • Robert Black
    Episode 243 mins
    Scottish serial killer Robert Black attacks four young girls between 1981 and 1986.

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