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Total Eclipse

Drama5 Seasons
Mackenzie Ziegler, Lauren Orlando, Emily Skinner
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  • Moonrise
    Episode 120 mins
    Cassie’s world is shaken up by a new arrival in Millwood.
  • Waxing Crescent
    Episode 226 mins
    Embarrassed by an old photo, Diana vows to get revenge at her big party.
  • Full Moon
    Episode 326 mins
    When Kate casts a love spell, the girls’ relationships start to change.
  • Moonset
    Episode 422 mins
    At the talent show, not all of the drama stays on stage.
  • Solar Eclipse
    Episode 132 mins
    With school back in session, the girls are assigned new extracurriculars; secrets are revealed during the solar eclipse.
  • The Princess Needs a Prince
    Episode 225 mins
    Diana focuses her campaign on an old flame; Diana resorts to dirty tricks to sway the class election.
  • Happy Birthday
    Episode 326 mins
    Cassie gets a surprise gift on her birthday.
  • Optional Compliment
    Episode 423 mins
    Cassie makes a choice between Kate and Sam; Kate tries to pull away from Luca and his dark magic.
  • Find Your Voice
    Episode 539 mins
    Cassie learns Jenna's secret; drama ensues at the Winter Formal.
  • Millwood Chronicles
    Episode 128 mins
    It's the start of a new semester at Millwood, and that means fresh drama.
  • Experimental Film Club
    Episode 226 mins
    The balance of power continues to shift at Millwood High; Jenna falls deeper under Ms. Dawson's influence.
  • X-Ray Eyes
    Episode 322 mins
    Cassie and Diana form an unexpected alliance to save Jenna from Ms. Dawson.
  • Teacher Knows Best
    Episode 422 mins
    Jenna is drawn closer into Ms. Dawson's clutches; Kate has an unusual way of dealing with her Aunt Bonnie's passing.
  • Hanging Up the Cape
    Episode 528 mins
    Morgan, Cassie and the girls band together for one last-ditch effort to release Jenna from Miss Dawson’s evil grasp.
  • Future Self
    Episode 127 mins
    Morgan fantasizes about her future life and realizes how challenging it will be.
  • One Turkey Sandwich
    Episode 220 mins
    Diana can't get a break; Kate is reeling from the brownie fallout; Sam explores opportunities.
  • Ditch Day
    Episode 323 mins
    Tea begins to boil as Diana ditches school; Kate invites the girls over for her birthday party.
  • Lights Out
    Episode 425 mins
    During a power outage, issues come to light when people are forced to share rooms.
  • Come with Me
    Episode 528 mins
    Diana, Kate and Jenna get some dirt on Axel; Sam has a question for Cassie.
  • Written in the Stars
    Episode 121 mins
    It’s summertime in Millwood, and Cassie and her friends are facing new jobs, new hobbies and new romances.
  • Cold War
    Episode 220 mins
    Jenna and Diana face problems from their past; tensions run high between Junior’s and the Parlor.
  • Life Gives You Lemons
    Episode 322 mins
    Cassie sees a new side of Axel, while Jenna entertains an old possibility; Kate hatches a plan to save Junior’s.
  • Shoot for the Moon
    Episode 423 mins
    As the summer winds down, everyone looks toward the future.

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