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Host Josh Garcia sets off on an ocean voyage to experience hidden majesty at every port, uncovering native traditions and cuisines to celebrate the diverse world cultures.
  • Top of the World
    Episode 120 mins
    Josh voyages north to Alaska and takes a train to the town of Talkeetna.
  • First City of the Last Frontier
    Episode 220 mins
    Josh explores the Tongass National Forest, home to the world's largest collection of totem poles.
  • All the Tea in Taipei
    Episode 320 mins
    The traditions of Taipei, Taiwan; the art of glove puppetry; an aromatic tofu dish; a tea farm.
  • Nature's Masterpiece
    Episode 420 mins
    In Alaska, Josh explores a fish hatchery, crab fishing and the great Mendenhall Glacier.
  • Pho-Nomenal
    Episode 520 mins
    Josh explores Ho Chi Mihn City; bronze casting; the art of making pho; harvesting rice.
  • Alaskan Gold
    Episode 620 mins
    An animal sanctuary; an American bald eagle; a muskox; panning for gold.
  • Vintage Havana
    Episode 720 mins
    Riding in a vintage American car along the waterfront in Havana; a restaurant inside a private home.
  • Viking Territory
    Episode 820 mins
    Josh visits Copenhagen; a restaurant known for Denmark's national dish; wind turbines; building a Viking ship.
  • Pearl of the Orient
    Episode 920 mins
    Josh explores Shanghai, China, and learns about tai chi, the secret to making soup dumplings and badminton.
  • Caribbean Gem
    Episode 1020 mins
    Josh spends the day in Amber Cove exploring the Dominican Republic's treasures.
  • Northern Highlights
    Episode 1120 mins
    The Mendenhall Glacier; ice caves; timbersports; the tallest mountain in North America.
  • Medieval Magic
    Episode 1220 mins
    Josh sails to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where he visits a silk museum and explores the area's salt flats.
  • Tokyo in Bloom
    Episode 1320 mins
    The sights, sounds and flavors of Tokyo, Japan; the art of flower arrangement; sushi.
  • Jamaican Me Happy
    Episode 1420 mins
    Josh arrives in Ocho Rios, Jamaica; the picturesque Martha Brae River; exotic jungle scenery.
  • Olympic-Sized Adventure
    Episode 1520 mins
    Josh explores Athens, Greece; worry beads; a Greek dish; Josh learns how to throw a javelin.
  • Un-Belize-Able!
    Episode 1620 mins
    Josh explores Belize; a local chef teaches him how to make a traditional Belizean stew.
  • Asian Adventure
    Episode 1720 mins
    Josh rereads some of his favorite journal entries from his tour of Asia; a tea farm in Taiwan.
  • Sweet Paradise
    Episode 1820 mins
    Josh explores Mallorca, Spain; a scenic ride on a one-of-a-kind wooden train; a gourmet sausage lab.
  • Sounds of Lisbon
    Episode 1920 mins
    Josh explores the food, culture and music of Lisbon, Portugal; handcrafted decorative tiles.
  • Bay of Dreams
    Episode 2020 mins
    Josh explores Kotor, Montenegro; a local chef shows the ancient method for preparing sac; limestone.
  • Tropical Delights
    Episode 2120 mins
    Josh rereads journal entries from voyages through the Caribbean Sea; a Cuban dance style.
  • Monkeying Around
    Episode 2220 mins
    Josh cruises to Panama, where he tours the historic district, visits Monkey Island and more.
  • Kicking It, Rio Style
    Episode 2320 mins
    Josh explores Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; exotic fruits; a local soccer player; a hang gliding tour.
  • Two to Tango
    Episode 2420 mins
    Josh explores Buenos Aires, Argentina; Josh learns why empanadas come in different shapes and sizes.
  • Flavor of Thailand
    Episode 2520 mins
    Josh explores Bangkok, Thailand; Josh visits a floating market and takes a cooking class.
  • European Wonders
    Episode 2620 mins
    Josh rereads favorite journal entries from voyages in Europe; a wooden train; a tile factory.

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