The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files

Drama6 Seasons
James Garner, Noah Beery Jr., Joe Santos
Jim Rockford is an ex-convict turned private detective.
  • Heartaches of a Fool
    Episode 149 mins
    A country singer's crooked business manager involves him in a crime war.
  • Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead
    Episode 249 mins
    Rockford is hired to defend a vulnerable prostitute against a homicide charge.
  • The Jersey Bounce
    Episode 349 mins
    Rockford relies on a disbarred attorney to clear himself of a trumped-up homicide charge.
  • White on White and Nearly Perfect
    Episode 448 mins
    An inept private eye endangers Rockford as he looks for a missing heiress.
  • Kill the Messenger
    Episode 549 mins
    Rockford probes the murder of a deputy police chief's wife; guest Ed Harris.
  • The Empty Frame
    Episode 648 mins
    Rockford must cooperate with Lt. Chapman to solve an art heist.
  • A Three Day Affair With a Thirty Day Escrow
    Episode 749 mins
    A married Arabian princess courts death when she runs off with her crooked lover; guest Robert Alda.
  • A Good Clean Bust With Sequel Rights
    Episode 849 mins
    Rockford must dodge mobsters and hit men while trying to protect an ex-cop.
  • Black Mirror
    Episode 950 mins
    Rockford breaks a long-standing precedent when he becomes involved with a client.
  • Black Mirror
    Episode 1049 mins
    A blind psychologist won't believe Rockford.
  • A Fast Count
    Episode 1149 mins
    Rockford attempts to clear a fight manager accused of bribery and homicide.
  • Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
    Episode 1249 mins
    Rockford's life is threatened and he's slandered.
  • With the French Heel Back, Can the Nehru Jacket Be Far Behind?
    Episode 1349 mins
    Police dismiss a model's death as a suicide.
  • The Battle-Ax and the Exploding Cigar
    Episode 1449 mins
    Rockford drives a stolen car to Los Angeles.
  • Guilt
    Episode 1549 mins
    Rockford's former fiancee asks him for help when she becomes the target of a paid assassin.
  • The Deuce
    Episode 1649 mins
    Rockford tries to clear a drunken driver who was framed for a homicide.
  • The Man Who Saw the Alligators
    Episode 1773 mins
    A Brooklyn gangster, who believes Rockford got him sent to jail, wants revenge; guest Sharon Acker.
  • The Return of the Black Shadow
    Episode 1850 mins
    Rockford and Gail Cooper are brutalized by a motorcycle gang.
  • A Material Difference
    Episode 1950 mins
    Rockford will pose as an assassin with Angel.
  • Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job
    Episode 2051 mins
    Rockford joins forces with an ex-protege to pull off an elaborate con game.
  • Never Send a Boy King to Do a Man's Job
    Episode 2150 mins
    Rockford, Brockelman and a racer trick a conniving businessman; guests Harold Gould, Kim Hunter.
  • A Different Drummer
    Episode 2250 mins
    Hospitalized Rockford stumbles on an organ-transplant ring but hears denials from doctors.

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