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The Rockford Files

Drama6 Seasons
James Garner, Noah Beery Jr., Joe Santos
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  • Beamer's Last Case
    Episode 149 mins
    Rockford returns from vacation and finds someone has assumed his identity.
  • Trouble in Chapter 17
    Episode 248 mins
    A writer asks Rockford to investigate threats.
  • Battle of Canoga Park
    Episode 349 mins
    Rockford's gun, stolen from his cookie jar, is found at the scene of a homicide.
  • The Second Chance
    Episode 449 mins
    Rockford and Gandy Finch help out a performer whose career is threatened by the mob.
  • The Dog and Pony Show
    Episode 549 mins
    A patient in therapy claims she is receiving threats from the underworld.
  • Requiem for a Funny Box
    Episode 649 mins
    Rockford has the last laugh on a second-rate comic who leaves him hanging with a homicide charge.
  • Quickie Nirvana
    Episode 749 mins
    An attorney is concealing a murderous client.
  • Irving the Explainer
    Episode 849 mins
    Rockford researches the life of a dead director.
  • The Mayor's Committee From Deer Lick Falls
    Episode 948 mins
    Citizens of a small town hire Jim to dispose of a girl who revealed a scam.
  • Hotel of Fear
    Episode 1049 mins
    The state provides Angel with luxurious protection in return for testimony.
  • Forced Retirement
    Episode 1149 mins
    Rockford risks his life investigating the promotion of a new offshore drilling device.
  • The Queen of Peru
    Episode 1249 mins
    A family inadvertently finds a $1 million stolen diamond sought by irate crooks; guest George Wyner.
  • The Deadly Maze
    Episode 1349 mins
    An eccentric scientist puts Jim through an elaborate stress test.
  • The Attractive Nuisance
    Episode 1449 mins
    An FBI agent seeks revenge against a mobster.
  • The Gang at Don's Drive-In
    Episode 1549 mins
    Rockford uncovers a murder while researching a class of '62 for a has-been writer (Anthony Zerbe).
  • The Paper Palace
    Episode 1649 mins
    A sex worker hires Rockford to investigate mysterious death threats directed at her.
  • Dwarf in a Helium Hat
    Episode 1749 mins
    A playboy (John Pleshette) ignores Rockford's warnings of a death threat; guest Rick Springfield.
  • South by Southeast
    Episode 1848 mins
    Rockford, mistakenly abducted by FBI agents, helps rescue an heiress from her unscrupulous husband.
  • The Competitive Edge
    Episode 1949 mins
    While on the trail of a missing banker, Rockford gets committed to an insane asylum.
  • The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall
    Episode 2049 mins
    While investigating the hazing death of a young college friend, Rockford uncovers a second homicide.
  • The House on Willis Avenue
    Episode 2149 mins
    Rockford and Richie Brockelman investigate the suspicious traffic death of a fellow private eye.
  • The House on Willis Avenue
    Episode 2249 mins
    Rockford and Richie Brockelman investigate the suspicious traffic death of a fellow private eye.

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