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Drama6 Seasons
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James Garner, Noah Beery Jr., Joe Santos

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  • The Fourth Man
    Episode 148 mins
    Rockford's friend is the target of an assassin in an airport parking lot.
  • The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit
    Episode 249 mins
    A psychic points to Jim as being involved in the slaying of a dope pusher.
  • The Family Hour
    Episode 349 mins
    Rockford becomes the custodian of a 9-year-old girl who is looking for her father.
  • Feeding Frenzy
    Episode 449 mins
    A woman wants to return money her dad stole.
  • Drought at Indianhead River
    Episode 550 mins
    Angel is placed on the mob's hit list when he suddenly becomes wealthy.
  • Coulter City Wildcat
    Episode 648 mins
    After Rocky wins an oil-rights lottery, he is assaulted and ordered to sign over the land.
  • So Help Me God
    Episode 750 mins
    A zealous U.S. attorney causes Rockford to be cited for contempt.
  • Rattlers' Class of '63
    Episode 849 mins
    Rockford finds that Angel's wedding is a scam.
  • Return to the 38th Parallel
    Episode 950 mins
    An Army buddy (Ned Beatty) gets Rockford to help a woman (Veronica Hamel) find her sister.
  • Piece Work
    Episode 1049 mins
    The mob and federal agents go after Rockford when he uncovers a gun-smuggling scheme.
  • The Trouble With Warren
    Episode 1149 mins
    Beth's genius cousin becomes a suspect in the deaths of his boss and his firm's head.
  • There's One in Every Port
    Episode 1250 mins
    After being taken by a father-daughter swindle team, Rockford puts his own con game into motion.
  • Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You
    Episode 1349 mins
    A big agency tries to force private detectives (Simon Oakland, Cleavon Little) out of business.
  • The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers
    Episode 1449 mins
    Rocky and Jim's old friend (Strother Martin) is forced into a retirement home.
  • The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers
    Episode 1549 mins
    When Rockford tries to rescue T.T. from a hospital, the old man escapes.
  • The Becker Connection
    Episode 1649 mins
    Becker is suspended on suspicion of dealing in dope.
  • Just Another Polish Wedding
    Episode 1750 mins
    An ex-con and his sidekick team up as private eyes and compete with Rockford in a finder's fee case.
  • New Life, Old Dragons
    Episode 1849 mins
    Rockford stumbles onto a bizarre kidnapping scheme while searching for a Vietnamese woman's brother.
  • To Protect and Serve
    Episode 1949 mins
    A police groupie complicates Rockford's search for the missing fiancee of an underworld attorney.
  • To Protect and Serve
    Episode 2049 mins
    A police groupie reveals the location of a mobster's fiancee, whom Rockford is protecting.
  • Crack Back
    Episode 2148 mins
    Counselor Beth Davenport engages Rockford to find a missing witness.
  • Dirty Money, Black Light
    Episode 2249 mins
    The mob and the government are interested after huge sums come in the mail for vacationing Rocky.

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