The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files

Drama6 SeasonsTVPG
James Garner, Noah Beery Jr., Joe Santos
Jim Rockford is an ex-convict turned private detective.
  • Backlash of the Hunter
    Backlash of the Hunter
    Episode 149 mins
    A woman (Lindsay Wagner) hires Rockford to discover if her father's death was homicide or suicide; guest Bill Mumy.
  • Backlash of the Hunter
    Backlash of the Hunter
    Episode 249 mins
    Rockford is the hunted as he learns whether a man's death was murder or suicide; guests Lindsay Wagner, Bill Mumy.
  • The Kirkoff Case
    The Kirkoff Case
    Episode 350 mins
    An heir (James Woods), suspected of murdering his parents, hires Rockford to find the killer; guest Abe Vigoda.
  • The Dark and Bloody Ground
    The Dark and Bloody Ground
    Episode 450 mins
    Murderers stalk Rockford after Beth gets him to investigate the death of a screenwriter; guest Nancy Malone.
  • The Countess
    The Countess
    Episode 550 mins
    A wealthy Texan's wife (Susan Strasberg) hires Rockford (James Garner) to deal with a blackmail problem.
  • Exit Prentiss Carr
    Exit Prentiss Carr
    Episode 650 mins
    When Rockford is hired to check on a philandering husband, he finds the man dead under mysterious circumstances.
  • Tall Woman in Red Wagon
    Tall Woman in Red Wagon
    Episode 750 mins
    Rockford disguises himself as a coffin salesman, a psychiatrist and an IRS agent to find a missing newspaperwoman.
  • This Case Is Closed
    This Case Is Closed
    Episode 850 mins
    A tycoon's (Joseph Cotten) prospective son-in-law seems too good to be true; guest Sharon Gless.
  • This Case Is Closed
    This Case Is Closed
    Episode 949 mins
    Rockford is on the verge of giving up his investigation after being harassed by the underworld and federal agents.
  • The Big Ripoff
    The Big Ripoff
    Episode 1050 mins
    A woman thinks her lover's death in a plane crash might involve his wife (Suzanne Somers); guest Jill Clayburgh.
  • Find Me If You Can
    Find Me If You Can
    Episode 1150 mins
    A woman (Joan Van Ark) with a secret hires Rockford to discover her identity; guest (Paul) Michael Glaser.
  • In Pursuit of Carol Thorne
    In Pursuit of Carol Thorne
    Episode 1250 mins
    Rockford hopes a woman ex-convict will lead him to $1 million in stolen money; guest Laffit Pincay Jr.
  • The Dexter Crisis
    The Dexter Crisis
    Episode 1350 mins
    Rockford finds a wealthy businessman's girlfriend (Lee Purcell) but is asked only to watch her; guest Linda Kelsey.
  • Caledonia, It's Worth a Fortune!
    Caledonia, It's Worth a Fortune!
    Episode 1450 mins
    A convict's wife (Shelley Fabares) needs to locate a fortune hidden in a rural community; guest Robert Ginty.
  • Profit and Loss
    Profit and Loss
    Episode 1550 mins
    A kidnapper knocks Rockford (James Garner) out while abducting a client from his trailer. Guest stars: Ned Beatty and Michael Lerner.
  • Profit and Loss
    Profit and Loss
    Episode 1650 mins
    Rockford (James Garner) burglarizes a print shop while searching for clues that will lead to stock-market fixing. Guest stars: Ned Beatty and Michael Lerner.
  • Aura Lee, Farewell
    Aura Lee, Farewell
    Episode 1750 mins
    Rockford must solve the mystery of a boutique owner's drug-overdose death; guests Lindsay Wagner, Greg Mullavey.
  • Sleight of Hand
    Sleight of Hand
    Episode 1850 mins
    Rockford's search for a vanished girlfriend leads him to a crime figure, a singer (Lara Parker) and a fugitive syndicate chief.
  • Counter Gambit
    Counter Gambit
    Episode 1950 mins
    A former convict hires Rockford to find his girlfriend (Mary Frann), but actually he wants pearls she possesses.
  • Claire
    Episode 2049 mins
    Rockford is caught between police and gangsters when he helps a former fiancee (Linda Evans); guest Jackie Cooper.
  • Say Goodbye to Jennifer
    Say Goodbye to Jennifer
    Episode 2150 mins
    Police and the mob seek a model (Pamela Hensley) connected with murder, until a dentist identifies her corpse.
  • Charlie Harris at Large
    Charlie Harris at Large
    Episode 2250 mins
    Rockford's former cellmate (Tony Musante) is accused of murdering his wealthy wife; guest Diana Muldaur.
  • The Four Pound Brick
    The Four Pound Brick
    Episode 2350 mins
    The mother (Edith Atwater) of a rookie policeman killed in an auto mishap refuses to believe his death was accidental.
  • Just by Accident
    Just by Accident
    Episode 2450 mins
    Rockford uncovers an insurance scam when a race-driver's mother hires him to look into her son's traffic death.
  • Roundabout
    Episode 2550 mins
    In Las Vegas to deliver an insurance check, Rockford uncovers underworld exploitation of a singer.

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