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Rafael Amaya, Raúl Méndez, Fernanda Castillo

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A man from humble beginnings becomes the most powerful drug lord in Mexico.
  • High Security Prisoner
    Episode 157 mins
    Aurelio Casillas, the most powerful drug lord in Mexico, has a plan to escape from his captors.
  • Pay Your Dues
    Episode 259 mins
    The extradition of Aurelio Casillas is imminent; his fate is in the hands of those he least expects.
  • The Colombian Business
    Episode 353 mins
    The trip to Colombia could cost the life of Mónica, leader of the Robles cartel.
  • Switching Gears
    Episode 451 mins
    Casillas has everything ready to take revenge on Letrudo, but he tries to prove his loyalty.
  • The Most Valuable Commander
    Episode 549 mins
    Mejía does not retreat while Letrudo celebrates his promotion; Aurelio is praised as a deal savior.
  • Orders Are Orders
    Episode 656 mins
    Agents Ballesteros and Mejía get closer to Casillas but are assigned to another operation.
  • Aurelio Is Exposed
    Episode 751 mins
    Eugenia is in danger when her news coverage about Aurelio Casillas is published.
  • Liberation or Death
    Episode 852 mins
    Ximena's fate depends on Aurelio Casillas' efforts to get Sabino Villalobos out of jail.
  • The Return of Don Cleto
    Episode 953 mins
    Don Cleto makes an invitation to the Villalobos and lets Aurelio know that he has not retired yet.
  • All-Powerful
    Episode 1048 mins
    The alliance between Casillas and Silva causes greater complications; Mejía admits his infidelity.
  • The Bible of Crime
    Episode 1151 mins
    Silva confides to Casillas the threat posed by Cardinal Pastrana, since he knows too much.
  • One Last Agreement
    Episode 1249 mins
    Mejía suffers a painful attack; Letrudo knows that he must leave the business.
  • High Treason
    Episode 1347 mins
    Casillas' celebration in honor of Ximena is a mix of love confessions and treacherous plans.
  • The Evidence
    Episode 1449 mins
    Thanks to the work of Agent Ballesteros, Casillas´s ally in the government is revealed.
  • A True National Hero
    Episode 1547 mins
    Mejía awaits orders from Benitez to proceed; Aurelio commits the worst of crimes.
  • Unexpected Revenge
    Episode 1657 mins
    Mónica struggles with her hurt feelings seeking alliances; Aurelio prepares his revenge.
  • Don't Mess With My Brother
    Episode 1756 mins
    Cabo attempts to save Tijeras; Mónica's jealousy puts everyone's safety at risk.
  • Out of Control
    Episode 1853 mins
    Ximena is late to her meeting with Mónica but the truth about Don Cleto's death is revealed.
  • There Is No Small Enemy
    Episode 1950 mins
    Aurelio thinks he has everything under control, but a few mistakes change the luck of the business.
  • Aurelio's Debacle
    Episode 2052 mins
    In Aurelio's absence, violence breaks out, anything can happen upon his return.

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