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15%Comedy2 Seasons
Jeff Foxworthy, Ann Cusack, Haley Joel Osment
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  • Jeff's Life 101
    Episode 123 mins
    Jeff's attempts at straightening out his finances are hampered by many obstacles.
  • A Non-Affair to Remember
    Episode 223 mins
    Jeff is consumed by jealousy when one of Karen's high-school flames arrives in town.
  • The Gene Pool
    Episode 322 mins
    Matt and Jeff (Haley Joel Osment, Jeff Foxworthy) learn to swim.
  • Elliot and Victoria's Secret
    Episode 423 mins
    Karen's father reveals family secrets during a fishing trip with Jeff (Jeff Foxworthy).
  • Womb With a View
    Episode 523 mins
    Unwittingly, Matt (Haley Joel Osment) brings a videotape of his birth to school.
  • With Two You Get Cow's Milk
    Episode 623 mins
    Karen sends Jeff and Elliot on Halloween scavenger hunt.
  • Jeff & Ray & Rascal's Big Adventure
    Episode 722 mins
    Jeff (Jeff Foxworthy) cares for Elliot's (Dakin Matthews) prize canine.
  • A Sore Winner
    Episode 823 mins
    The Foxworthys make a trip to Hollywood to appear on "America's Funniest Home Videos.".
  • He's Making a List, Checking It Twice
    Episode 922 mins
    Jeff (Jeff Foxworthy) schemes for a family Christmas portrait with Travis Tritt.
  • Foxworthy Family Feud
    Episode 1022 mins
    Karen's sister and brother-in-law's fight prompts Jeff to give an opinion.
  • Matt About You
    Episode 1123 mins
    Jeff (Jeff Foxworthy) misinterprets Matt's denial of misbehaving at school.
  • Clan of the Bare Caves
    Episode 1223 mins
    Jeff (Jeff Foxworthy) faces upheaval when Karen's soon-to-be-divorced sister arrives unexpectedly.
  • Before You Say `No,' Just Hear Me Out
    Episode 1323 mins
    Jeff's newly arrived brother (Jay Mohr) offers him a business opportunity.
  • Deedee Day
    Episode 1422 mins
    Wayne (Jay Mohr) hires his fiery girlfriend (Michelle Clunie) to work in the shop.
  • He Ain't Heavy, He's a Bully
    Episode 1521 mins
    A boy Wayne (Jay Mohr) bullied in high school shows up to take his revenge.
  • Moonstruck
    Episode 1622 mins
    Matt (Haley Joel Osment) marks a Foxworthy rite of passage when he goes "mooning."
  • One Wedding and a Baby
    Episode 1721 mins
    Karen (Anita Barone) goes into labor at Wayne and Deedee's wedding.
  • Shootout at the Comedy Corral
    Episode 1822 mins
    Jeff and Wayne (Jeff Foxworthy, Jay Mohr) square off at a local comedy club.

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