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Bernie and his wife, Wanda, reluctantly step into the role of parents when his sister drops off her three kids -- naive Bryana, nerdy Jordan and teenage Vanessa -- en route to rehab. This series is available free with ads to all Peacock users.
  • Keep It on the Short Grass
    Episode 123 mins
    Bernie faces off with Matt Damon and Lucy Lawless in a golf tournament.
  • Goodbye, Dolly
    Episode 222 mins
    Bernie makes a midnight run to retrieve Bryana's lost doll.
  • Carfool
    Episode 322 mins
    The children's carpool becomes complicated for Bernie and Jordan.
  • Mac Local 137
    Episode 422 mins
    The children strike, so Bernie hires youngsters from the neighborhood to do their work.
  • Welcome to the Jungle
    Episode 521 mins
    When Jordan brings home a snake named Reggie, Bryana demands her own pet.
  • Bernie Mac Dance Party
    Episode 622 mins
    Vanessa fails to invite Bernie to a father-daughter dance, and it drives him crazy.
  • Tryptophan-tasy
    Episode 721 mins
    Gluttonous Bernie has a fever dream after devouring his own personal turkey.
  • The United Front
    Episode 822 mins
    Bernie and Wanda strive to present a united front when disciplining the children.
  • The Sweet Life
    Episode 922 mins
    Bernie circumvents his low-cholesterol diet by sneaking over to a neighbor's place.
  • Sin Cup
    Episode 1021 mins
    Bernie and Wanda worry about Jordan's religious faith after he defaces a picture of Jesus.
  • Bernie Mac Rope-A-Dope
    Episode 1121 mins
    Bernie offends Wanda's boss at a dinner party.
  • Magic Jordan
    Episode 1221 mins
    Jordan learns some magic tricks and uses them to charm his first crush.
  • Raging Election
    Episode 1322 mins
    Bernie calls on India Arie to help out with Vanessa's talent show.
  • Leaving Los Angeles
    Episode 1422 mins
    Bernie delays his flight to Las Vegas in order to take the children to the movies.
  • Pink Gold
    Episode 1522 mins
    Bernie and Chris Rock make a joint appearance on "The Tonight Show."
  • Chess Wars
    Episode 1622 mins
    Bernie manages to stay one step ahead of the children when they try to manipulate him.
  • The Incredible Bulk
    Episode 1722 mins
    Wanda locks the family's junk food in a shed after Bernie starts buying everything in bulk.
  • Maid Man
    Episode 1822 mins
    Bernie worries about the children taking advantage of the new maid.
  • Nut Job
    Episode 1922 mins
    Bernie enrolls the children in a myriad of activities before discovering his Saturdays are at stake.
  • The Other Sister
    Episode 2022 mins
    Bernie's sister undermines his authority with the children.
  • Meet the Grandparents
    Episode 2122 mins
    Wanda's parents take over the household during their visit.
  • For a Few Dollars More
    Episode 2221 mins
    Bernie bribes children to attend Jordan's birthday bash instead of another kid's party.

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