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A team of ex-special forces soldiers on the lam from the military police leaves a trail of explosions in its wake but always stops to help the little guy fight back against corruption. Available for free with ads for all Peacock viewers.
  • Bullets and Bikinis
    Episode 145 mins
    A mobster pressures two sisters to sell their Miami Beach hotel.
  • The Bend in the River Part 1
    Episode 245 mins
    A river pirate captures a man as he travels into uncharted Amazonian territory.
  • The Bend in the River Part 2
    Episode 347 mins
    The A-Team hopes to rescue a traveler who has been captured by a river pirate.
  • Fire!
    Episode 447 mins
    The team helps a fire chief save her small company.
  • Timber!
    Episode 547 mins
    The team tries to keep a crooked union boss from ruining a family-run logging operation.
  • Double Heat
    Episode 646 mins
    The team goes up against two crime syndicates to rescue the daughter of a government witness.
  • Trouble on Wheels
    Episode 747 mins
    A foreman interferes with an operation stealing from an auto parts manufacturing plant.
  • The Island
    Episode 847 mins
    Hannibal, B.A. and their cohorts raid a dope smuggler's den in the South Pacific.
  • Showdown!
    Episode 945 mins
    A gang of toughs ruins the team's reputation.
  • Sheriffs of Rivertown
    Episode 1047 mins
    The A-Team is enlisted to restore law and order in a South American town.
  • The Bells of St. Mary's
    Episode 1147 mins
    Hannibal and Face protect an all-female rock group that is being cheated by a record company.
  • Hot Styles
    Episode 1247 mins
    The team sets out to prevent a new line of fashion designs from being stolen.
  • Breakout!
    Episode 1346 mins
    B.A. and Murdock are framed on false robbery charges and sentenced to work on a chain gang.
  • Cup a' Joe
    Episode 1445 mins
    B.A. and Murdock protect diner owners from a man who is trying to put them out of business.
  • The Big Squeeze
    Episode 1548 mins
    Hannibal, B.A. and their cohorts turn the tables on a ruthless loan shark.
  • Champ!
    Episode 1647 mins
    The team battles a gangster who is attempting to gain control of the local fight scene.
  • Skins
    Episode 1748 mins
    The A-Team plans to stop destructive poachers on a Kenyan animal preserve.
  • Road Games
    Episode 1848 mins
    The team pursues gangsters who forced a reformed gambler to sign over an orphanage.
  • Moving Targets
    Episode 1946 mins
    The A-Team must protect a sheik's daughter, who is about to marry a prince from an opposing country.
  • Knights of the Road
    Episode 2049 mins
    An ambitious auto mechanic asks for help after a ruthless competitor attempts to ruin his business.
  • Waste 'Em!
    Episode 2146 mins
    The team battles corrupt refuse collectors who are dumping toxic waste into the city's sewer system.
  • Bounty
    Episode 2246 mins
    Romance blossoms between Murdock and a veterinarian after she rescues him.
  • Beverly Hills Assault
    Episode 2348 mins
    A young artist seeks the team's help in searching for the men who brutally assaulted her boyfriend.
  • Trouble Brewing
    Episode 2446 mins
    A saboteur attempts to put two sisters out of the soda business.
  • Incident at Crystal Lake
    Episode 2546 mins
    The A-Team takes a vacation after Col. Decker gets too close for comfort.

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