Snapped: Killer Couples

Snapped: Killer Couples

Crime6 SeasonsTV14
Couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts.
  • Pike-Shipp
    Episode 143 mins
    A pair of teens take their obsessions to the extreme when their romance is threatened by a classmate.
  • Andrew-Pavatt
    Episode 243 mins
    Two Sunday school teachers conspire to murder for insurance money.
  • Poirier-Upton
    Episode 343 mins
    A pair of lovers come up with a scheme that results in deadly consequences.
  • Simonin-Danylchuk
    Episode 443 mins
    Two lovers conspire to commit murder and get their hands on an insurance payout.
  • George-Cassimy
    Episode 543 mins
    An affair heats up when two lovers conspire to kill one of their spouses in order to avoid losing everything.
  • Walter-Gregory
    Episode 643 mins
    Two sex-obsessed strip club employees start a relationship that quickly turns to death.
  • Mee-Newton
    Episode 743 mins
    A hiccupping affliction gives a teen her 15 minutes of fame. When the limelight fades she finds her adrenaline rush in a relationship with a bad boy, and lures a man to his death.
  • Hunt-Fotopoulos
    Episode 843 mins
    A murder-for-hire goes dreadfully awry.
  • Homolka-Bernardo
    Episode 943 mins
    A couple's passion for sex and torture destroys the lives of everyone they encounter.
  • Graham-Wood
    Episode 1043 mins
    A pair of female serial killers turn a nursing home into a hotbed of sex, scandal and murder.

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