Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories

Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories

Action & Adventure2 Seasons
Actress Shelley Duvall presents animated stories for kids narrated by famous actors and actresses.
  • Elizabeth and Larry; Bill and Pete
    Episode 125 mins
    "Elizabeth and Larry"; "Bill and Pete."
  • Blumpoe the Grumpoe Meets Arnold the Cat; Millions of Cats
    Episode 224 mins
    "Blumpoe the Grumpoe Meets Arnold the Cat"; "Millions of Cats."
  • There's a Nightmare in My Closet; There's an Alligator Under My Bed
    Episode 324 mins
    A boy encounters a frightened nightmare; boy tackles the reptile under his bed.
  • Elbert's Bad Word; Weird Parents
    Episode 424 mins
    "Elbert's Bad Word"; "Weird Parents."
  • Little Toot & the Loch Ness Monster; Choo Choo
    Episode 525 mins
    "Little Toot Toot & the Loch Ness Monster"; "Choo Choo."
  • Patrick's Dinosaur
    Episode 624 mins
    Two stories about "Patrick's Dinosaur."
  • Tugford Wanted to Be Bad; Little Penguin's Tale
    Episode 125 mins
    "Tugford Wanted to Be Bad"; "Little Penguin's Tale."
  • Rotten Island
    Episode 225 mins
    Flowers challenge monstrous chaos.
  • Moe, the Dog in Tropical Paradise; Amos, the Story of an Old Dog and His Couch
    Episode 325 mins
    A dog wants to go to the tropics; another wants to go with his owners.
  • The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings; Katy No-Pocket
    Episode 426 mins
    A bunny covets red wings; Katy the Kangaroo has no pouch.
  • Bootsie Barker Bites; Ruby the Copy Cat
    Episode 526 mins
    A girl takes on a tormenter; a shy girl imitates a popular girl.
  • Uncle Wizzmo's New Used Car; Aunt Ippy's Museum of Junk
    Episode 625 mins
    Uncle Wizzmo drives; eccentric Aunt Ippy recycles.

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