Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon

Kids2 SeasonsTVG
An amnesiac super mutant joins the Chicago police force to uncover his identity and do battle against the malevolent figure known as Overlord.
  • Bull
    Episode 120 mins
    Dragon suspects an actor from a hit TV show of perpetrating a series of burglaries, but none of his colleagues believe him.
  • She-Fiend
    Episode 220 mins
    She-Dragon plots revenge on the anniversary of her father's murder and becomes possessed by the Fiend.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 320 mins
    Dragon finds a photo of himself as a child and Alex takes him to the location seen in the image, hoping it will bring his memories back.
  • Loose Cannons
    Loose Cannons
    Episode 420 mins
    She-Dragon joins the Chicago PD and Overlord's Vicious Circle adds a few new members to its ranks as well.
  • Star
    Episode 520 mins
    Alex's anti-Freak gun is stolen and Dragon suspects he knows the true identity of Chicago's newest superhero.
  • Barbarism
    Episode 620 mins
    A new mutant gang hits Chicago's criminal scene and Barbaric, who is now Dragon's roommate, is driving Dragon crazy.
  • Ceasefire
    Episode 720 mins
    Various members of the Vicious Circle seemingly abandon their criminal ways to join a peaceful coalition, and Dragon is suspicious of their motives.
  • Endgame
    Episode 820 mins
    The Fiend uses a mysterious orb that feeds on anger to grow stronger, and an inter-dimensional traveler called the Warrior King arrives to reclaim it.
  • Negate
    Episode 920 mins
    A mutant with the ability to make other mutants human again is pursued by Overlord, who wants to utilize his powers for his own purposes.
  • Ball of Fire
    Ball of Fire
    Episode 1020 mins
    Dragon and Alex must solve the mystery of who perpetrated a series of bombings throughout the city before the Annual Police Charity Ball.
  • Femme Fatale
    Femme Fatale
    Episode 1120 mins
    Barbaric gets a new girlfriend and OpenFace creates a powerful killer robot that could destroy Chicago itself.
  • Bride
    Episode 1220 mins
    OpenFace makes Arachnid a bride who, through a mistake on Octopus' part, ends up being far worse than her husband.
  • Dragonlord
    Episode 1320 mins
    Overlord convinces Dragon that he led the Vicious Circle before him, causing Dragon to quit the force.

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