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Jim Cummings, Kath Soucie, Dorian Harewood

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  • R.S.V.P.
    Episode 120 mins
    Overlord sends his assassin Arachnid to kidnap Alex and Frank.
  • Possession
    Episode 220 mins
    Dragon takes the delinquent but good-natured mutant Barbaric on a ride-along to straighten him out.
  • Undercover
    Episode 320 mins
    Alex goes undercover in order to infiltrate the Vicious Circle.
  • Dragonsmasher
    Episode 420 mins
    Using stolen technology, Overlord creates a robot that will destroy Dragon.
  • Locomotion
    Episode 520 mins
    Overlord breaks his henchmen out of prison so they can hijack a train.
  • She-Dragon
    Episode 620 mins
    Dragon must work with another mutant of his type, She-Dragon, in order to save Alex.
  • Hurt
    Episode 720 mins
    When Alex is injured on the job, her bigoted boyfriend holds Dragon responsible.
  • Web
    Episode 820 mins
    Dragon visits a town called Hospitality where the sheriff is less than hospitable.
  • Hit-Man
    Episode 920 mins
    Dragon protects a progressive mutant politician named John Smith.
  • Red-Handed
    Episode 1020 mins
    Despite being behind bars, Overlord arranges for the kidnapping of Barbaric's little sister.
  • Loathing
    Episode 1120 mins
    Dragon faces off against a being that feeds on hatred and has possessed a fellow officer.
  • Rampage
    Episode 1220 mins
    She-Dragon tries to stop a mutant biker wreaking havoc across Chicago.
  • Armageddon
    Episode 1320 mins
    Alex, Dragon, and She-Dragon must work together to take down the newly-resurrected Horde.

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