Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Kids1 Season
A witch who uses her powers to aide the uncertainty of adolescence.
  • The Fairy Godmother; Hiccups
    Episode 119 mins
    Sabrina uses magic to get Spencer to take Ophelia to the dance; Sabrina gets hiccups.
  • Which Witch Is Which?; The Basketball Game
    Episode 220 mins
    A spell turns Aunt Hilda into Sabrina's grumpy twin; Sabrina helps Riverdale's basketball team.
  • Will the Real Weatherbee Stand Up?; Caveman
    Episode 320 mins
    Sabrina helps Mr. Wetherbee by making clones of him; Sabrina brings a caveman from the past.
  • Paint Story; Aunt Zelda's Broom
    Episode 420 mins
    Sabrina hasn't performed enough bad deeds; Aunt Hilda's broom gives Pop the flight of his life.
  • Cinderella's Story; What the Hex Going On?
    Episode 520 mins
    The Dewitching hour plays tricks with Sabrina's magic; Jughead insults Aunt Hilda.
  • Wish Bone; Babysitter
    Episode 620 mins
    Hot Dog Junior and Chilli Dog get a magic bone; Sabrina baby-sits Hexter.
  • Carnival; Stage Fright
    Episode 720 mins
    Comet VersaVisa spells trouble; Reggie gives Aunt Hilda a starring role in the gang's play.
  • Pet Show; Funny Bunny
    Episode 820 mins
    Planet Cat-tastrophe makes witches' cats do strange things; Sabrina turns Jughead into rabbits.
  • Hair Today-Gone Tomorrow; A Witch in Time
    Episode 920 mins
    Miss Della decides Sabrina's aunts are too kind to raise a witch.
  • When the Cat's Away; Costume Party
    Episode 1020 mins
    Sabrina swaps bodies with Salem to go on a picnic; Reggie nearly exposes Sabrina's secret.
  • Let's Have a Hand for Jughead; The New Freeway
    Episode 1120 mins
    Sabrina tries to get Jughead to fall into Ethel's man-traps.
  • Blue Whale; Football Game
    Episode 1220 mins
    Sabrina must undo Aunt Hilda's interference with the football game.
  • Town Beautiful; Horse's Mouth
    Episode 1320 mins
    The gang cleans up Riverdale for the Town Beautiful contest; the mayor bans all horse-drawn traffic.
  • Birdman of Riverdale; Hoedown Showdown
    Episode 1420 mins
    Moose's uncle has to get his produce to market by six o'clock.
  • Spooky Spokes; You Oughta Be in Pictures
    Episode 1520 mins
    Sabrina gives a magic motorbike to Moose and Reggie; Sabrina tries out for a movie.
  • The Generation Flap; School Daze
    Episode 1620 mins
    Sabrina throws a party for Archie while Aunt Hilda holds a magic seminar.
  • Ug at The Bat; Computerized Moose
    Episode 1719 mins
    Ug is the baseball team's new star player, and Moose gets hit by Sabrina's Computer Enhancing spell.
  • Rose-Colored Glasses; Living Dolls
    Episode 1819 mins
    Veronica and Betty visit and Sabrina wants to make a good impression.
  • Cake Bake; Hot Rod Derby
    Episode 1919 mins
    Aunt Hilda and Cousin Hagatha are in the Cake Bake; Wolfie races around in a magic hot rod.
  • The Bear Facts; Child Care
    Episode 2020 mins
    While babysitting her cousins, Sabrina magics a dragon into life.
  • Witches Gold Open; Rummage Sale
    Episode 2119 mins
    Sabrina gets the Archies to caddy; the Goolies donate unwanted magic items.
  • High School Drop-Ins; Big Deal
    Episode 2220 mins
    The Goolies decide to go to school and Sabrina must protect her secret.
  • Frankie; Beached
    Episode 2319 mins
    Sabrina tries to give Frankie some self-confidence; the Archies are hassled by some bullies.
  • Ouch; Smog
    Episode 2419 mins
    The Archies' Pollution Commitee investigates smoke from Horrible Hall.
  • Dirty Pool; The Grayed Outdoors
    Episode 2520 mins
    The moat at Horrible Hall is being polluted; the Crosstown Gang is damaging the forest.
  • Short Changed; Mis-Guided Tour
    Episode 2620 mins
    Sabrina invites Reggie to lunch; Sabrina takes Hester along on a class trip.
  • That Old Track Magic; Moose's Alter-Falter
    Episode 2720 mins
    Uncle Ambrose gets a concussion; Moose's good and bad alter egos get loose.
  • Too Many Cooks; Weather or Not
    Episode 2820 mins
    Sabrina wishes away her magic powers; Sabrina catches the Hong Kong Fluke.
  • Flying Sourcery; Mortal Terror
    Episode 2920 mins
    Reggie and Archie try to spend the night in Grimsley Manor.
  • Ambroses Amulet; Auto-biography
    Episode 3020 mins
    Sabrina borrows a magic amulet; Aunt Hilda is turned into Archie's car.
  • Tragic Magic; A Nose for News
    Episode 3120 mins
    The Archies hold a charity magic show and Jughead needs Sabrina's help.

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