Real Husbands of Hollywood

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Comedy5 SeasonsTV14
Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Duane Martin
The pressures of spousal stardom with real husbands of Hollywood.
  • Easy Bake Kevin
    Easy Bake Kevin
    Episode 120 mins
    Kevin kicks Nick out of weekly poker; Robin Thicke joins poker; Kevin has a crush on Robin's wife, Paula.
  • Thicke and Tired
    Thicke and Tired
    Episode 220 mins
    Nelly tries mediating Kevin; JB and Boni discover Duane's new clothing factory has questionable labor practices.
  • It's Gettin' Hot in Herrre
    It's Gettin' Hot in Herrre
    Episode 320 mins
    Nelly's investment of doing an exercise video with the other guys in an attempt for Kevin to make more money.
  • Karma's a Mitch
    Karma's a Mitch
    Episode 420 mins
    Kevin hits on Shane Mosely's girlfriend; Kevin fakes an ailment to avoid getting clobbered during a charity fight.
  • Hart vs. Mosley
    Hart vs. Mosley
    Episode 520 mins
    Kevin squares off in the anticipated charity fight with professional boxer Sugar Shane Mosley; "Fists of Funny."
  • Auf Wiedersehen, Mitches
    Auf Wiedersehen, Mitches
    Episode 620 mins
    Kevin attempts a music career and upsets one of the husbands; Duane's scheme; Boris runs into and ex and trouble.
  • Trick'd
    Episode 720 mins
    JB's hidden camera prank show; Kevin's unexpected news from a heartless friend.
  • Hollyhood Scuffle
    Hollyhood Scuffle
    Episode 820 mins
    Kevin writes a book about the Fellas and his ex-wife without telling the complete truth.
  • Blackstabbers
    Episode 920 mins
    A mystery blackmailer taunts the Fellas to do outrageous tasks or threatens to reveal incriminating photos.
  • Retreat From Couples
    Retreat From Couples
    Episode 1019 mins
    Double date night for Boris and Duane with their wives; Kevin's special double date night with a pair of twins.
  • Fund Raising Hell
    Fund Raising Hell
    Episode 120 mins
    Kevin has a new crush and a new house; Nick has a new network; JB has new wheels; Duane has a new project with Tisha.
  • Hell of a Fundraiser
    Hell of a Fundraiser
    Episode 220 mins
    Kevin's new crush and house; Nick's new network; JB's new wheels; Duane's project with Tisha; Nelly's new partner.
  • Frauditions
    Episode 320 mins
    Kevin looks for love; Trina nudges Boris to star in a musical stage play with Kelly Rowland as his co-star.
  • Tisha & Duane
    Tisha & Duane
    Episode 420 mins
    Tisha and Duane's new sitcom named after Nick's network; Nelly and Eric Benet at the recording studio.
  • Rock, Paper, Stealers
    Rock, Paper, Stealers
    Episode 520 mins
    Comic superstar Chris Rock with Kevin, JB and Anthony Anderson for Oliver's comedy routine; Kevin's propensity for shoplifting.
  • Hook, Lie & Sink Her
    Hook, Lie & Sink Her
    Episode 620 mins
    Kevin meets a celebrity on an online dating match site; JB and Faizon Love have a physical grudge match.
  • Outdated
    Episode 720 mins
    Another shot at love for Kevin on Wayne Brady's late night talk show; Bobby Brown's shot at stardom while Nelly rebukes him.
  • Doing the Bump
    Doing the Bump
    Episode 820 mins
    The new couple is getting tons of advice; Boris prepares for the stage play's opening despite the fact that he cannot sing.
  • Scattered Shower
    Scattered Shower
    Episode 920 mins
    Tisha and Nicole join forces with Bridgette for Selita's celebrity super-shower; Selita's baby bump and secret.
  • Storm Showers
    Storm Showers
    Episode 1020 mins
    A red carpet kicks off the events of Kevin and Selita's baby shower special; a Bridgette and Nadine confrontation.
  • The Bump Stops Here
    The Bump Stops Here
    Episode 1120 mins
    A VIP Gymboree reception for Kevin and Selita; Selita's "baby bump" is not real; Trina tries to book Kevin to host the Oscars.
  • The Harter They Fall
    The Harter They Fall
    Episode 1220 mins
    Katie Couric, Shaun Robinson and the FBI turn out for the harvest; Jennifer Freeman tames Oliver; Kevin tries to redeem himself.
  • The Reunion Special 2: Mitch, Please
    The Reunion Special 2: Mitch, Please
    Episode 1339 mins
    The Season 2 Reunion of the award-winning most fake reality show ever; stars Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, JB Smoove, Duane Martin and Boris Kodjoe.
  • Falling Legend
    Falling Legend
    Episode 119 mins
    Kevin's roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina and Bridgette's new boyfriends are Kevin's old frenemies.
  • Falling Legend
    Falling Legend
    Episode 219 mins
    Kevin's roasted by the guys; Nick enters politics; Trina and Bridgette's new boyfriends are Kevin's old frenemies.
  • No New Friends
    No New Friends
    Episode 319 mins
    Kevin finds new friends; Duane sees monetary gain in Boris' spiritual quest.
  • Don't Vote for Nick
    Don't Vote for Nick
    Episode 419 mins
    Kevin disrupts Nick's press conference; Lance Bass has the last laugh; Trina and Wayne are tested by scheduling conflicts.
  • A Blurred 47 1/2 Hours
    A Blurred 47 1/2 Hours
    Episode 519 mins
    The shooting of "47 1/2 Hrs"; Kevin's mocked.
  • Rolling With My Roomie
    Rolling With My Roomie
    Episode 619 mins
    Regina Hall recovers at Kevin's; Sanaa Lathan visits; Nick hires a PI for campaign opposition research.
  • Bad Sport
    Bad Sport
    Episode 719 mins
    Kevin's son plays baseball; Duane revamps Boris' message.
  • Black is the Same Old Black
    Black is the Same Old Black
    Episode 819 mins
    Tisha is arrested on a warrant, and the girl protests against it.
  • The Fight for Duane
    The Fight for Duane
    Episode 919 mins
    Tisha kicks Duane out after she gets out of jail; Duane moves in with Kevin; Nelly writes a song for Bridgette.
  • Model Behavior
    Model Behavior
    Episode 1019 mins
    Jackie forgets to pick up Kevin at the airport; Jessica White takes Kevin on a wild night; David Faustino, Michael Jai White , Oliver and Snoop Dogg.
  • Vote for Kidney
    Vote for Kidney
    Episode 1119 mins
    Nick's kidney transplant match is Kevin.
  • One in a Bazillion
    One in a Bazillion
    Episode 1219 mins
    Boris has a charity event; Kevin schemes to get out of donating his kidney; guest stars Bobby Brown and Jennifer Freeman.
  • Suck My Trick
    Suck My Trick
    Episode 119 mins
    Kevin gets tricked into thinking that Nick dies; Kevin feels obligated into making a donation to an organ donor organization.
  • When Kevin Met Salli
    When Kevin Met Salli
    Episode 219 mins
    Kevin runs into Salli Richardson and invites her to the poker game; Salli's husband challenges Kevin to a joke-off.
  • Hart Medication
    Hart Medication
    Episode 319 mins
    Kevin accidentally takes drug-laden candies; Trina and the guy do an intervention to send Kevin to rehab.
  • Hart Medication
    Hart Medication
    Episode 419 mins
    Kevin checks into a rehab center for some court mandated therapy; Nia Long checks in to work on her own issues.
  • Cabin Pressure
    Cabin Pressure
    Episode 519 mins
    The guys embark on an annual pilgrimage to the NBA All-Star Weekend.
  • The Great American Hero
    The Great American Hero
    Episode 619 mins
    Kevin meets with Paramount President, Doug Howard to help put his dream into development for his next vehicle.
  • Kevin Davis Jr.
    Kevin Davis Jr.
    Episode 719 mins
    Kevin is offered the lead role to propel his career to a new level.
  • Broad Talk
    Broad Talk
    Episode 819 mins
    Kevin does a chick chat show; Real Husbands' wives and girlfriends must audition.
  • Walk of Shame
    Walk of Shame
    Episode 919 mins
    Kevin and Nick compete for the last star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Bazillion Dollar Arm
    Bazillion Dollar Arm
    Episode 1019 mins
    Duane gets Kevin to babysit his new client, Camilo Campaneris, a Cuban baseball pitching phenom; a try-out with the Dodgers.
  • Don't Cross That Bridgette
    Don't Cross That Bridgette
    Episode 1119 mins
    Kevin agrees to give his life-rights to Bridgette when she gets her own reality show.
  • Claire and Present Danger
    Claire and Present Danger
    Episode 1219 mins
    Kevin flirts with a "cougar," who surprisingly returns his attention.
  • Trina Sister
    Trina Sister
    Episode 1319 mins
    Trina's seductive baby sister, Kat Shaw, elicits the real scoop on Nick for an article she's writing; Nick goes to work to find out who fed Kat the story.
  • Easy as 1-2-3
    Easy as 1-2-3
    Episode 1419 mins
    After Kevin's six-week poker winning streak, Arsenio Hall shows up with Craig Robinson-who had a role in sabotaging Kevin's pilot.
  • Keep Coming Back
    Keep Coming Back
    Episode 120 mins
    Kevin searches for Nia Long in AA local meetings; Robin Thicke wants Kevin as his sponsor; JB introduces Aunt Fee and her food truck to the crew.
  • Baaack To School
    Baaack To School
    Episode 220 mins
    Kevin goes back to high school to get his degree; Trina and Wayne go on "Lets Make a Deal."
  • Fifty Shades of Brown
    Fifty Shades of Brown
    Episode 320 mins
    Kevin makes a make-up deal; the guys compete to be the next James Bond; Boris is bald.
  • The Suitor
    The Suitor
    Episode 420 mins
    Kevin dates a young actress.
  • Kevin and Nick are Wack
    Kevin and Nick are Wack
    Episode 520 mins
    Kevin and Nick have a rap war; Jackie and Bridgette go on game show called Spouse Smarts.
  • Hart in the Hood
    Hart in the Hood
    Episode 620 mins
    Kevin goes to live in the hood to get his mojo back.
  • Raising a Negro in the Sun
    Raising a Negro in the Sun
    Episode 720 mins
    Kevin the thespian trains for Broadway; Nelly owes his mentor, Luggy.
  • Everyday I'm Hustlin'
    Everyday I'm Hustlin'
    Episode 820 mins
    Kevin has a limited-edition pair of sneakers named after him, then must scramble to find a replacement after Jackie gives the valuable shoes away.
  • Hollywoodtooblack
    Episode 920 mins
    The guys get nominated for Oscars for a slave movie and get caught up in the diversity controversy.
  • Hollywoodtooblack
    Episode 1020 mins
    The guys get nominated for Oscars for a slave movie and get caught up in the diversity controversy.

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