Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

Comedy1 SeasonTVPG
Bradley Whitford, Anna Camp, Geno Segers
Watch on NBC - When former Princeton music professor Arthur Cochran unexpectedly stumbles into choir practice at a small-town church, he finds an oddball group of singers that is out of tune in more ways than one. Despite the ultimate clash of sensibilities, Arthur and his newfound cohorts, including temporary choirmaster Ginny, her ex, Wayne, vocal powerhouse Adams, gentle giant Dwayne, the impossibly upbeat Reverend Jax and more, may just be the perfect mix of individuals to help each other reinvent and rediscover a little happiness... just when they all need it most.
  • Pilot
    Episode 121 mins
    When a former Princeton music professor stumbles into choir practice at a small-town church, he finds singers that are out of tune in more ways than one; despite their differences, he and his new cohorts may just help each other reinvent.
  • Fork Fest
    Episode 221 mins
    Arthur defies local customs, and the choir pays for his rudeness; for Cash's sake, Ginny vows to say nothing bad about Wayne.
  • No Time for Losers
    Episode 321 mins
    Arthur helps Ginny conquer stage fright; Reverend Jax is caught in the rift between Wayne and Dwayne.
  • Hunting Season
    Episode 421 mins
    When Arthur is faced with a choir rebellion, he decides -- against Ginny's advice -- to take on Adams, the group's alpha, at their annual deer hunting trip; Wayne takes Cash on his first hunting trip to teach him how to be a man.
  • It's Electric
    Episode 521 mins
    Arthur deals with Jean's father, who attempts to take their family houseboat back; Reverend Jax hosts a singles night, where Ginny and Dwayne finally address the elephant in their relationship.
  • Halle-Boo-Yah
    Episode 621 mins
    When Ginny tries to step into a new management role at work, Arthur helps her overcome her fears of inadequacy; when Dwayne opts out of a longstanding Halloween tradition, Wayne fears that they are growing apart.
  • Rivalry Week
    Episode 721 mins
    After Pastor Magnus invites the Second First Choir to perform at the Church of Perpetual Praise, Arthur resolves to sound better than ever to spite him; Ginny spirals when Arthur adds a new singer from her past to the choir.
  • Any Given Monday
    Episode 821 mins
    Reverend Jax asks Arthur to watch the church for him; as parishioners come to him with problems, Arthur believes he can best help them with reason rather than with the ways of the church; Jax also asks Wayne to pick up Adams from the hospital.
  • Thanks-taking
    Episode 921 mins
    Jax convinces Arthur to join the choir's progressive Thanksgiving dinner and snoop in choir members' homes to find a missing item; meanwhile, Adams invites her handsome contractor to dinner as a set-up for Ginny, but he has something else in mind.
  • Merry Jaxmas
    Episode 1021 mins
    When Reverend Jax is visited by his charismatic parents, Arthur helps him overcome his lifelong feelings of living in their shadow in time for their Christmas performance; meanwhile, Ginny and Wayne decide to have a secret fling.
  • Know When to Walk Away
    Episode 1121 mins
    At Conley Fork's annual pageant, judge Arthur tries not to show favoritism toward Cash, in spite of pressure from Ginny; Reverend Jax wonders if Adams should address the unflattering rumors about how her marriage ended.
  • Hymn-A-Thon
    Episode 1221 mins
    Arthur gets a surprise visit from a former Princeton colleague, causing him to re-examine his life in Conley Fork; the choir holds an all-night Hymn-A-Thon to raise money for regionals; Ginny attempts to prove that they are not dependent upon Arthur.
  • Regionals
    Episode 1321 mins
    At the regional choir competition in Lexington, Arthur relishes the opportunity to finally stick it to his old rival when the unexpected happens; presented with a surprise job offer, Ginny doubts her worth before her interview; Adams moves on.

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