Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

Reality6 SeasonsTVPG
Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison, Austin "Chumlee" Russell
The Harrisons run the only family-owned pawnshop in Las Vegas, using their sharp-eyed skills and network of experts to assess the value of customers' items and make deals.
  • Press One for Chum
    Press One for Chum
    Episode 120 mins
    An autograph of baseball legend Honus Wagner; Rick barters for a rare first edition of Nabokov's "Lolita"; Chumlee helps set up the shop's new phone system.
  • Fireworks and Freedom
    Fireworks and Freedom
    Episode 220 mins
    A World War II Morse Code reader enters the shop; Rick negotiates for a letter written by John Quincy Adams; Corey takes over Rick's annual Fourth of July barbecue.
  • Chumdae
    Episode 320 mins
    Rick negotiates for a 1967 Shelby GT350; Corey and Chumlee debate buying one of the first video game consoles; Chumlee asks Rick to test the new ice cream maker.
  • Put Up Your Nukes
    Put Up Your Nukes
    Episode 420 mins
    A seller claims to have a cover for a thermonuclear warhead; a mandolin from Bob Willis' Texas Playboys; Chumlee tries to find something he's better at than Rick.
  • Pawn Apocalypse
    Pawn Apocalypse
    Episode 520 mins
    Rick deals for vintage Aerosmith T-shirts; Rick and Corey barter for a U.S. Navy foghorn; Corey checks out a vehicle built to fight off a zombie apocalypse.
  • Colts and Vikings
    Colts and Vikings
    Episode 620 mins
    A Colt Army Model 1860 comes into the shop; Rick barters for a Viking coin; Chumlee tries to get a raise using subliminal messages.
  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool
    Episode 720 mins
    A signed print of Ansel Adams' photograph "Monolith, the Face of Half Dome"; Rick haggles for a 1791 one-cent coin; Corey notices that Rick keeps taking his things.
  • Playboys and Players
    Playboys and Players
    Episode 820 mins
    Playboy Club memorabilia comes into the shop; Corey and Chum check out some Murray bicycles; the Old Man goes to the shooting range.
  • Go for Chum
    Go for Chum
    Episode 920 mins
    Rick haggles for a moonshine still; a collection of 1940s and '50s autographed postcards; Chumlee is making phone calls during work.
  • Shufflin' and Hustlin'
    Shufflin' and Hustlin'
    Episode 1020 mins
    An early version of "Rip Van Winkle" enters the shop; Corey and Chum deal for a candle shaped like President Nixon's head; the guys take the Old Man to play shuffleboard.
  • Bo Knows
    Bo Knows
    Episode 1120 mins
    Rick haggles for an etching by Pablo Picasso; Corey and Chumlee deal for a bat signed by Bo Jackson; Chum is the first to join Rick's new book club.
  • Break Room Battle
    Break Room Battle
    Episode 1221 mins
    An antique circus calliope; Rick deals for a letter signed by JFK; Rick hangs up a painting that offends the guys.
  • Break on Through
    Break on Through
    Episode 1320 mins
    Rick inspects a painted bedroom door from the childhood home of music icon Jim Morrison; Chumlee looks at a 1988 Legend of Zelda board game; Corey gets a lead on a rare motorcycle collection.
  • Tricky Ricky
    Tricky Ricky
    Episode 1420 mins
    Rick checks out a signed jersey from San Diego Chargers quarterback Dan Fouts and magician Harry Blackstone's vanishing birdcage; Corey and Chumlee convince Rick to join their fantasy football league.
  • Dodging Dillinger
    Dodging Dillinger
    Episode 1520 mins
    Bullet shells from John Dillinger's final robbery get caught in the shop; Rick and Corey attempt to make a drive by deal on a vintage Schwinn Whizzer from 1947.
  • Pinball Punch
    Pinball Punch
    Episode 1620 mins
    Chumlee checks out two classic pinball machines; Rick checks out a carrier pigeon capsule from WWII; Rick takes a ribbing when decides to take up boxing.
  • Rock Stars and Race Cars
    Rock Stars and Race Cars
    Episode 1720 mins
    A self-portrait from Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood finds its way into the shop; Rick becomes nostalgic when a stack of love letters letters handwritten by Mickey Rooney are mailed in.
  • Pawn Fiction
    Pawn Fiction
    Episode 1820 mins
    A cast jacket from "Pulp Fiction" arrives in the shop; opera gloves signed by Hollywood legend Clark Gable are brought in; Rick heads to Las Vegas legend Lonnie Hammargren's home to check out his collection.
  • Birthday Blues
    Birthday Blues
    Episode 1920 mins
    A military ID signed by Marilyn Monroe comes into the shop; a customer has a first edition of Beethoven's 6th Symphony.
  • Tough Cookie
    Tough Cookie
    Episode 2020 mins
    A gold and silver Remington Arms gun comes into the shop; a collection of Mr.T dolls come into the store.
  • Van Gogh A Go Go
    Van Gogh A Go Go
    Episode 2120 mins
    Lithographs are brought into the shop and they are believed to be from Vincent Van Gogh; a vintage skateboard collection comes in.
  • The Book of Rick
    The Book of Rick
    Episode 2220 mins
    A guitar pedal used by Kurt Cobain is brought into the shop; an 1842 Book of Mormon appears to be the most expensive book to ever come through the door.
  • Chummified
    Episode 2320 mins
    A mummified falcon finds its way into the shop; an autographed Harlem Globetrotters basketball from 1978 comes in.
  • Smarty Pants
    Smarty Pants
    Episode 2420 mins
    A guitar owned by music legend Stephen Stills comes through the door; a 1800s detective's camera comes into the shop.
  • Hidden Treasure
    Hidden Treasure
    Episode 2520 mins
    A tree with an 1800s revolver inside it come in to the shop; Chumlee checks out a Renaissance etching by Pietro Facchetti.
  • Secret Admirer
    Secret Admirer
    Episode 2620 mins
    Corey negotiates for an early 1900s Peerless Harvard dental chair; Rick looks at "Wayne's World" movie memorabilia and gets letters from a secret admirer.
  • Rick's a Riot
    Rick's a Riot
    Episode 2720 mins
    A 1969 Gibson Les Paul comes into the shop; A Los Angeles Lakers backpack signed by members of the 2004 team; Corey calls Rick out on an annoying habit.
  • Chum Fever
    Chum Fever
    Episode 2820 mins
    Two antique telephones; a unique porcelain bowl made during the Ch'ien-lung dynasty; Chumlee will not leave work even though he doesn't feel well.
  • Biggest Buys & Busts
    Biggest Buys & Busts
    Episode 2920 mins
    A look back at the biggest and most expensive items the Pawn Stars have ever seen; a million dollar car crushing machine dubbed Robosaurus; a cigar box owned by John F. Kennedy himself; a piece of sunken treasure.
  • Wake Up Call
    Wake Up Call
    Episode 3020 mins
    A 1964 770 Amphicar comes into the shop; a 1939 National Bowling Association Championship Ring; Rick bets Corey and Chum can't go without their cellphones for the day.
  • The Chum System
    The Chum System
    Episode 3120 mins
    A nightstick possibly owned by Ulysses S. Grant comes into the shop; a set of vintage skateboard stickers; Chumlee tries to prove that he is a multitasking master.
  • The Adventures of Corey & Chum
    The Adventures of Corey & Chum
    Episode 3221 mins
    A look back at some of the coolest items Corey and Chumlee have ever seen; a one-of-a-kind Gibson guitar; a set of unopened Star Wars action figures; a pair of pistols.
  • Captain Rick
    Captain Rick
    Episode 3320 mins
    A medal from British explorer Captain Cook comes into in the shop; Chum checks out a golf putter from the famed 1963 Frank Sinatra Invitational; Chumlee tries to calm Rick down when his stress level hits a new high.
  • McQueen Dreams
    McQueen Dreams
    Episode 3420 mins
    A letter from WWI fighter pilot Eddie Rickenbacker come into the shop; Corey looks at a military swagger stick from 1865.
  • Reach for Raphael
    Reach for Raphael
    Episode 3520 mins
    A print believed to be from Renaissance master, Raphael; negotiating for a 1970's Ibanez guitar; finding out the contents of Rick's will.
  • Off to the Races
    Off to the Races
    Episode 3620 mins
    The book "The Big Bonanza" comes into the shop; an ancient Tibetan door comes in; the guys decide to find out who's the better driver when Corey gets a ticket.
  • Greatest Haggles
    Greatest Haggles
    Episode 3720 mins
    Tough negotiations ensue for a first-edition copy of "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," a 1932 Ford roadster and a valuable Les Paul guitar.
  • Game Over
    Game Over
    Episode 3820 mins
    A hovercraft zooms into the shop; Corey checks out a set of 1960s The Beatles bobble-heads; a new arcade game gets bought by the shop, and Rick lets the guys plug it in.
  • Flying High
    Flying High
    Episode 3920 mins
    A guitar signed by bass player Garry Tallent arrives at the shop; Rick examines a replica of a 1964 Peace Dollar; Rick challenges Chum to a paper airplane contest.
  • Chum's Secret Stash
    Chum's Secret Stash
    Episode 4020 mins
    A 1907 Saint-Gaudens coin makes its way onto the counters; a vintage pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses owned by President George Bush, Sr. comes in; Rick finds Chum's secret stash in the back.
  • Mini Rick
    Mini Rick
    Episode 4120 mins
    A Civil War-era broadside is brought in; Rick checks out a 1947 fully restored Wurlitzer jukebox; Rick gets frustrated when Chumlee brings a kid into the pawnshop.
  • United We Stand
    United We Stand
    Episode 4220 mins
    Rick and Corey look at a BSA bike from WWII; Rick and Chumlee find a pair of Roberto Clemente prototype sneakers.
  • Hiding Houdini
    Hiding Houdini
    Episode 4320 mins
    An autographed book written by master illusionist Harry Houdini arrives in the shop; Corey and Chumlee scope out a vintage x-ray unit; Chumlee takes a vow of silence.
  • Clowning Around
    Clowning Around
    Episode 4420 mins
    Corey and Chumlee must decide whether to purchase a Gene Autry guitar; Rick eyes a portrait by Red Skelton; Chumlee wants to sell his shoe collection in the shop.
  • Oldest Trick in the Book
    Oldest Trick in the Book
    Episode 4520 mins
    A signed, limited-edition copy of "Seven Years in Tibet" enters the shop; Corey and Chumlee yuk it up over a Three Stooges promotional projector; Chumlee seeks new policies to liven up the beginning of the work week.
  • Motorcycle Mayhem
    Motorcycle Mayhem
    Episode 4620 mins
    A1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster comes into the shop; Rick looks at a painting of Communist leader Ho Chi Minh; when Chum starts helping himself to things in the shop, the guys try to tell him that taking is not the same as sharing.
  • Generation Gap
    Generation Gap
    Episode 4720 mins
    A Roman shield movie prop from Cleopatra comes into the shop; a 1922 silver peace dollar rolls in; the guys discuss their generations.

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