Drama6 SeasonsTV14
Peter Krause, Dax Shepard, Craig T. Nelson
Four adult siblings share the joys and heartaches of parenthood.
  • I Hear You, I See You
    I Hear You, I See You
    Episode 142 mins
    Adam is overwhelmed with increasing demands from his boss (William Baldwin) and family needs; Sarah searches for a career path; Crosby gets ready for a visit from Jabbar and Jasmine; Haddie learns to drive.
  • No Good Deed
    No Good Deed
    Episode 243 mins
    Adam offers Sarah an internship; Kristina tries to help Suze Lessing by baby-sitting Noel; Crosby and Jasmine try to decide where Jabbar should live when Jasmine takes a new job.
  • I'm Cooler Than You Think
    I'm Cooler Than You Think
    Episode 342 mins
    A new friend at work helps Sarah impress Amber; Julia pushes Joel for another baby; Adam struggles with his relationship with Max.
  • Date Night
    Date Night
    Episode 442 mins
    Kristina schedules a date night with Adam to try to keep their marriage alive; Sarah offers Drew advice about love; Haddie runs for student council president; Crosby learns an important lesson about being a father.
  • The Booth Job
    The Booth Job
    Episode 543 mins
    Kristina asks Adam to go with her to an Asperger's support group; Gordon (William Baldwin) makes an unexpected decision after Sarah's performance at the shoe booth exceeds expectations; Camille and Zeek take ballroom dancing classes.
  • Orange Alert
    Orange Alert
    Episode 643 mins
    Zeek tries to go overboard with the family's Halloween celebration; Adam and Kristina are nervous about Max's new plans for the holiday; Sarah confronts Gordon about their kiss.
  • Seven Names
    Seven Names
    Episode 743 mins
    Adam is forced to make a decision that will change the company's future; Jabbar has a surprising reaction to Crosby and Jasmine's news; Amber's incessant partying causes conflict with Sarah.
  • If This Boat Is a Rockin'
    If This Boat Is a Rockin'
    Episode 843 mins
    Adam comes to Max's defense; Sarah explores her relationship with Gordon (William Baldwin), creating tension with Drew and Amber; Haddie makes a discovery about Alex (Michael B. Jordan).
  • Put Yourself Out There
    Put Yourself Out There
    Episode 943 mins
    Sarah persuades Amber to meet with one of Gordon's important colleagues; Camille takes a class with a man she had an affair with; Haddie's relationship with an unexpected love interest progresses.
  • Happy Thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving
    Episode 1042 mins
    Adam receives surprising news; Amber and Camille bond while preparing Thanksgiving dinner; Julia tries to make pies.
  • Damage Control
    Damage Control
    Episode 1143 mins
    Crosby has difficulties teaching Jabbar to pick up after himself; Drew is caught drinking; Adam and Kristina get to know Alex over dinner; Joel and Julia talk to Sydney about death.
  • Meet the New Boss
    Meet the New Boss
    Episode 1243 mins
    Adam worries about the stability of his job; Haddie seeks comfort in Amber when her parents refuse to accept her decision; Crosby works to coordinate a performance at Jabbar's school; Amber performs at an open mic night.
  • Opening Night
    Opening Night
    Episode 1342 mins
    Kristina and Adam catch Haddie sneaking around with Alex; Drew informs Sarah she needs to sell $500 worth of gift-wrap; Jabbar has a bad case of stage fright before the school play.
  • A House Divided
    A House Divided
    Episode 1443 mins
    Kristina can't accept Haddie's relationship with Alex; Sarah demands a higher salary; Julia plans a bachelorette party for Jasmine; Adam's meeting with Crosby leads to a surprise.
  • Just Go Home
    Just Go Home
    Episode 1543 mins
    Haddie makes a brave decision; Crosby and Jasmine hit a rough patch in their relationship; Drew surprises his mom with some news.
  • Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs
    Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs
    Episode 1643 mins
    Adam and Kristina plan a birthday party for Max; Jasmine and Crosby face an issue that could change their relationship; Drew's bond with Seth (John Corbett) grows.
  • Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
    Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
    Episode 1743 mins
    Crosby faces the consequences of a mistake he made; Adam is annoyed with Alex's frequent visits; Drew receives disappointing news.
  • Qualities and Difficulties
    Qualities and Difficulties
    Episode 1843 mins
    Adam and Kristina struggle with talking to Max about his Asperger's syndrome; Sarah looks to a former flame for help with a project; Crosby tries to fix things with Jasmine; Julia and Joel prepare to celebrate their anniversary.
  • Taking the Leap
    Taking the Leap
    Episode 1943 mins
    Kristina and Adam have a surprise meeting with the principal of Max's school; Jasmine and Crosby become nostalgic for their past; Julia and Joel receive upsetting news; one of Zeek's friends (Richard Dreyfuss) is interested in Sarah's play.
  • New Plan
    New Plan
    Episode 2043 mins
    Crosby tries to get Jasmine back; Adam worries about Haddie going to prom with Alex; Sarah works on her script.
  • Slipping Away
    Slipping Away
    Episode 2142 mins
    Amber quits her job and starts down a destructive path; Crosby asks Joel for help with Jasmine; overhearing a disturbing phone call strains Kristina and Adam's relationship with Haddie.
  • Hard Times Come Again No More
    Hard Times Come Again No More
    Episode 2243 mins
    Amber is in an accident; Adam finds Max's behavior troubling; Julia helps a woman deliver a baby; Kristina offers support to Haddie; Crosby wants Jasmine to visit.

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