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Dr. Saotome must finish building Getter Robo, a mecha robot controlled by three pilots, in order to fight off the monsters invading Earth.
  • There Goes Ryoma
    Episode 1 - 24 mins
    Ryoma Nagare is chosen to be the first pilot for the robot.
  • Hayato Is Coming
    Episode 2 - 24 mins
    Hayato Jin is also chosen to be a pilot for the robot.
  • Benkei Musashibou
    Episode 3 - 24 mins
    Benkei Musashibou is chosen to be the final pilot for the robot.
  • The Three on the Loose
    Episode 4 - 24 mins
    The pilots must work together but are continuously fighting.
  • Oni Fire
    Episode 5 - 24 mins
    The enemy is chased into a dark cloud.
  • The Mansion Where the Oni Dwell
    Episode 6 - 24 mins
    Ryoma is in an alternate Heian-era Japan.
  • The Yin-Yang Master
    Episode 7 - 24 mins
    Ryoma and Shogun Raiko Minamoto battle against the Yin-Yang Master.
  • Collision
    Episode 8 - 24 mins
    The final showdown begins.
  • Hell's Upheaval
    Episode 9 - 24 mins
    Three years pass by the time Ryoma and the gang return to the lab.
  • Lone Wolf
    Episode 10 - 24 mins
    Seimei wants revenge on the Getter Robo.
  • Thus the Divine Wind Blows
    Episode 11 - 24 mins
    Benkei notices a connection between Ryoma and the Getter Robo.
  • Heaven and Earth
    Episode 12 - 24 mins
    Gods appear from the sky to destroy the Getter Robos.
  • There Goes Ryoma: Final Story
    Episode 13 - 23 mins
    Getter Robo is led by the four Gods to a mysterious space below the Earth.

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