Million Dollar Listing

Million Dollar Listing

Game Show & Contest4 SeasonsTV14
Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand, Josh Altman
Real estate agents working in and around Malibu and Hollywood, Calif.
  • The Ultimate Luxury Playground
    The Ultimate Luxury Playground
    Episode 144 mins
    In Hollywood, newly single agent Shannon McLeod tries to sell her ex-fiance's house without ruining their relationship; in Malibu, new agent Madison Hildebrand tries to get top dollar for a dream estate in disrepair.
  • Co-Listers Can't Be Choosers
    Co-Listers Can't Be Choosers
    Episode 244 mins
    In Malibu, condo queen Lydia Simon tries to get top dollar for a beachfront condo before her wedding; Lydia needs to sell the condo and make it to the altar on time; in Hollywood, married agents Dia and Ray deal with a desperate divorcee.
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Trouble in Paradise
    Episode 344 mins
    In Hollywood, super agents Dia and Ray contend with a frustrated homeowner who decided to leave the country when George Bush was elected to a second term; in Malibu, smooth-talking agent Scotty Brown tries to get top dollar for a stubborn socialite.
  • Deals, Discounts and Disaster
    Deals, Discounts and Disaster
    Episode 444 mins
    In Malibu, Chris Cortazzo wants top dollar for his hot new beach house; his protege, Madison Hildebrand, thinks he has the perfect clients; in Hollywood, Michael Wegmann tries to deal with a reluctant seller with a wife who's eager to move on.
  • Relationship Negotiation
    Relationship Negotiation
    Episode 544 mins
    In Hollywood, new agent Chase Campen tries to navigate a big listing, but the buyer is playing hardball; in Malibu, smooth-talking agent Scotty Brown wins a bet and gets a great new listing.
  • Three's a Crowd
    Three's a Crowd
    Episode 644 mins
    In Hollywood, Calif., married super agents Dia and Ray are eager to unload the family home of a lonely daughter who needs to cut ties; in Malibu, Carol Bird tries to sell a horse estate and recording studio for a world famous violinist.
  • Sellers From Hell
    Sellers From Hell
    Episode 144 mins
    Josh tries to persuade his friend, Dr. Sam, to buy a fixer-upper with profit potential.
  • Mondo Condo
    Mondo Condo
    Episode 244 mins
    Josh tries to make things right with Dr. Sam by finding him the perfect condo.
  • Business and Pleasure
    Business and Pleasure
    Episode 344 mins
    The rich widow of a famous businessman impatiently demands that Chad find her a beach house in Malibu.
  • Dire Buyers
    Dire Buyers
    Episode 444 mins
    Chad tries to score a listing with an NBA star for a rental property in Las Vegas.
  • Showdowns
    Episode 544 mins
    Josh questions whether real estate is really the right path for him while dealing with an arrogant client.
  • Epiphanies
    Episode 644 mins
    Josh strives to find the perfect piece of land for a designer's multimillion-dollar fantasy compound.
  • No One Is Recession Proof
    No One Is Recession Proof
    Episode 144 mins
    Josh lists a Beverly Hills mansion but has problems with the buyer; Chad lists a million-dollar home; Madison lists a Malibu estate.
  • Big Numbers, Small Deals
    Big Numbers, Small Deals
    Episode 244 mins
    Josh lists a plot of land in a golf course while simultaneously trying to make a deal in Bel Air; Chad lists a home in LA's "Golden Triangle."
  • Dolphins, Rats and Next Door Neighbors
    Dolphins, Rats and Next Door Neighbors
    Episode 344 mins
    Chad and Madison are invited to speak at a real estate conference; Chad lists a bungalow plagued with problems; Josh lists a mansion on Newport Coast.
  • Jumping Through Hoops for a Signature
    Jumping Through Hoops for a Signature
    Episode 444 mins
    Josh must travel to Montana to get an ocean view listing in Malibu; Madison hunts for investment properties.
  • Looking to Score in Malibu
    Looking to Score in Malibu
    Episode 544 mins
    Chad snatches one of Madison's former multi-million dollar listings; Madison takes on a Malibu listing; Josh makes a spur-of-the-moment gamble.
  • Sweet Deals and Icing on the Cake
    Sweet Deals and Icing on the Cake
    Episode 644 mins
    Josh wants to move a home using its views; Madison convinces a friend to lease a home, rather than sell; Chad struggles to balance work and Victoria.
  • Million Dollar Wild Swan Chase
    Million Dollar Wild Swan Chase
    Episode 744 mins
    Josh lists Dr. Sam's house; Chad wins a listing for a Hollywood condo; Victoria gives Chad a surprising gift; Madison searches for a home for a retiree.
  • In Real Estate Everything's Personal
    In Real Estate Everything's Personal
    Episode 844 mins
    Josh agrees to a co-listing; Chad worries that Madison is moving in on his territory; Madison puts a dream home on the market.
  • Busted Dreams and Busted Homes
    Busted Dreams and Busted Homes
    Episode 944 mins
    Josh tries to move a half-demolished home in Beverly Hills; Chad thinks he is listing a house for a friend; Madison picks up a dream client.
  • Bad Market for Mansions
    Bad Market for Mansions
    Episode 144 mins
    Overbuilt mansion in a modest neighborhood; an angry seller is promised an easy sell.
  • No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game
    No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game
    Episode 244 mins
    Josh Flagg must make a difficult decision; Josh Altman risks losing his commission on a favor to his mother; Madison must jump through hoops.
  • Seeing Double
    Seeing Double
    Episode 344 mins
    Madison's client threatens to fire him; Josh Altman questions Madison's pricing strategy; Josh Flagg hires an assistant.
  • Sparks Fly
    Sparks Fly
    Episode 444 mins
    Madison hosts a champagne open house; Josh Flagg hosts a rock 'n' roll open house; sparks fly between Josh Altman and Heather.
  • Sleeping With the Enemy
    Sleeping With the Enemy
    Episode 544 mins
    Madison lists the home of a short-tempered seller who's desperate for a sale; Josh Flagg finds a hip venue for a gay bar in West Hollywood; Madison learns about Josh Altman's date with his assistant.
  • Billionaire Buyer
    Billionaire Buyer
    Episode 644 mins
    A billionaire client comes to town; Josh Flagg struggles to find a buyer; Madison must deal with a hot-headed client; Josh Altman encourages Madison's assistant to quit.
  • Going to the Dogs
    Going to the Dogs
    Episode 744 mins
    Madison must lease the beach home of a tenant with six dogs; Madison accuses Josh Altman of trying to undermine his business.
  • Betrayal in the Real Estate Biz
    Betrayal in the Real Estate Biz
    Episode 844 mins
    Madison confronts Josh Altman; Josh Flagg gets ready to publish his new book.
  • Good Buys and Goodbyes
    Good Buys and Goodbyes
    Episode 944 mins
    A potential client shows Josh Altman his Hollywood Hills bachelor's den; Madison gives Heather an ultimatum.

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