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Two Miami Police Department detectives work undercover to end drug trafficking and sex work in the city. Available for free with ads for all Peacock viewers. 
  • Contempt of Court
    Episode 146 mins
    A mobster hopes to buy time to find a witness.
  • Amen... Send Money
    Episode 246 mins
    Tubbs apprehends an eccentric TV evangelist on a narcotics possession charge.
  • Death and the Lady
    Episode 348 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs investigate an avant-garde filmmaker accused of slaying his leading lady.
  • The Big Thaw
    Episode 446 mins
    The detectives take on a case involving the frozen body of a reggae singer.
  • Child's Play
    Episode 549 mins
    Crockett visits his son after shooting a boy during an investigation.
  • God's Work
    Episode 647 mins
    A Wall Street hotshot may help his mobster father with a financial coup.
  • Missing Hours
    Episode 748 mins
    A corpse vanishes and a UFO expert explains Trudy's brief disappearance.
  • Like a Hurricane
    Episode 847 mins
    An unpopular rock star, who is involved as a witness in a music payola scandal, weds Crockett.
  • Rising Sun of Death
    Episode 946 mins
    Castillo discovers that a group of Japanese mobsters has begun to establish a foothold in Miami.
  • Love at First Sight
    Episode 1047 mins
    Caitlin fears that Sonny may be the next victim of a knife-wielding murderer.
  • A Rock and a Hard Place
    Episode 1147 mins
    Crockett tries to deal with his wife's success as a rock singer.
  • The Cows of October
    Episode 1248 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs investigate a cowboy's reported theft.
  • Vote of Confidence
    Episode 1346 mins
    Vice nearly derails a gubernatorial candidate.
  • Baseballs of Death
    Episode 1448 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs suspect a Chilean chief of police in a double homicide case.
  • Indian Wars
    Episode 1548 mins
    The detectives meet an indigenous person crusading against drugs.
  • Honor Among Thieves
    Episode 1647 mins
    Tubbs and Crockett want to bring in a killer, but fear doing so will blow their cover.
  • Hell Hath No Fury...
    Episode 1748 mins
    A convicted rapist's release makes Trudy think the victim may seek revenge.
  • Badge of Dishonor
    Episode 1847 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs try to solve a series of slayings involving drug dealers.
  • Blood and Roses
    Episode 1947 mins
    When the killer of Crockett's friend is released from prison, Crockett keeps tabs on him.
  • A Bullet for Crockett
    Episode 2046 mins
    Wounded and near death from a drug kingpin's bullet, Crockett hallucinates about his police work.
  • Deliver Us from Evil
    Episode 2147 mins
    A homicide case reunites Crockett and a freed killer.
  • Mirror Image
    Episode 2248 mins
    An explosion causes Crockett to believe he's actually Sonny Burnett.

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