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Two Miami Police Department detectives work undercover to end drug trafficking and sex work in the city. Available for free with ads for all Peacock viewers. 
  • Brother's Keeper Part 1
    Episode 148 mins
    Miami police detective Sonny Crockett reluctantly teams with New York-bred newcomer Ricardo Tubbs.
  • Brother's Keeper Part 2
    Episode 248 mins
    Vice detectives Crockett and Tubbs join forces to capture a drug kingpin.
  • Heart of Darkness
    Episode 348 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs break up a powerful pornography operation.
  • Cool Runnin'
    Episode 448 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs search for a murderous team of drug rip-off artists.
  • Calderone's Return: Part 1 - The Hit List
    Episode 548 mins
    Sonny becomes the target of an Argentine hit man working for Calderone.
  • Calderone's Return: Part 2 - Calderone's Demise
    Episode 647 mins
    Tubbs realizes he must consider his loyalties.
  • One-Eyed Jack
    Episode 748 mins
    Crockett is accused of accepting a bribe while helping an old friend.
  • No Exit
    Episode 848 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs reluctantly help government agents in their pursuit of a dangerous arms dealer.
  • The Great McCarthy
    Episode 948 mins
    The detectives use information from a small-time criminal to go after a major drug trader.
  • Glades
    Episode 1047 mins
    Crockett and Tubbs travel to the Everglades to retrieve a witness in a smuggling case.
  • Give A Little, Take a Little
    Episode 1148 mins
    Sonny is jailed for refusing to divulge an informant's identity.
  • Little Prince
    Episode 1248 mins
    A wealthy young addict leads Crockett and Tubbs into a major operation run by his father.
  • The Milk Run
    Episode 1348 mins
    Two naive young men smuggle cocaine for a murderous criminal.
  • The Golden Triangle Part 1
    Episode 1448 mins
    A routine hotel security assignment leads the detectives to an old enemy of Capt. Castillo's.
  • The Golden Triangle Part 2
    Episode 1548 mins
    Castillo asks Crockett and Tubbs to find the drug smuggler who kidnaped his wife.
  • Smuggler's Blues
    Episode 1648 mins
    The detectives hunt for thieves who have been ripping off cocaine smugglers.
  • Rites of Passage
    Episode 1748 mins
    An old flame of Castillo's comes to Miami to search for her missing sister.
  • The Maze
    Episode 1848 mins
    Tubbs goes undercover as a drifter to resolve a tense hostage situation.
  • Made for Each Other
    Episode 1948 mins
    Switek and Zito set up a stolen goods dealer using two of their informants.
  • The Home Invaders
    Episode 2049 mins
    Crockett and Castillo track a sadistic group running a home burglary operation.
  • Nobody Lives Forever
    Episode 2148 mins
    Crockett's latest affair could cost his life when he and Tubbs pursue a trio of teenage killers.
  • Evan
    Episode 2248 mins
    Bad memories make Crockett reluctant to work on a case involving an undercover operative.
  • Lombard
    Episode 2348 mins
    A kingpin will testify in exchange for protection.

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