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  • New Nanny
    Episode 120 mins
    Sky and her parents interview candidates for the open nanny position.
  • The Art of Hustling
    Episode 221 mins
    Harmony and Sky square off at the Powder Puff competition.
  • Mani Drama
    Episode 125 mins
    The girls deal with boy drama, while Mani confronts his own theatrics.
  • Act Two
    Episode 223 mins
    With drama brewing backstage, the girls take the stage.
  • Where Are We?
    Episode 324 mins
    Home from the camping trip, Mani and the girls tie up loose ends.
  • Operation: Dolla Dolla Bills
    Episode 126 mins
    Mani and Randi sign the kids up for a Japanese rap competition.
  • Operation: Rap Collective
    Episode 226 mins
    Mani assembles the rap crew for a performance at Jitterbug.
  • Operation: Riddle Me This
    Episode 326 mins
    Mani helps reunite Mr. Mioshi with his long lost son
  • Karma Meadow
    Episode 127 mins
    Harmony and her friends head to Camp Karma Meadow, but the summer dream looks more like a nightmare.
  • Little Mani
    Episode 220 mins
    When things get dire at Camp, it’s up to Mani, Harmony, Goth Girl and Goth Boy to hunt up some grub.
  • DJ S'Mores
    Episode 329 mins
    Harmony and her friends perform the opening act for DJ S'Mores.
  • We're Not in Attaway Anymore
    Episode 124 mins
    A glitch forces Harmony to meet a new group of friends, and foes.
  • #BaliKnowsBest
    Episode 224 mins
    Harmony is determined to join the Millwood Step Team.
  • Melvin's Evil Plan
    Episode 316 mins
    The step team's big performance has finally arrived.

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