Make Way for Noddy

Make Way for Noddy

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Noddy, a wooden boy who lives in Toyland, introduces social concepts for preschoolers.
  • Master Tubby's Chocolate Dream
    Master Tubby's Chocolate Dream
    Episode 110 mins
    Master Tubby Bear eats all the chocolate intended for the "Chocolate Day" celebrations in Toy Town, but then he has a nasty nightmare.
  • Noddy's Car Loses Its Voice
    Noddy's Car Loses Its Voice
    Episode 210 mins
    Noddy's horn falls off his car.
  • Just Be Yourself, Noddy
    Just Be Yourself, Noddy
    Episode 310 mins
    Noddy thinks he'd be more impressive if he were other toys.
  • Big Ears for a Day
    Big Ears for a Day
    Episode 410 mins
    Noddy thinks that Big-Ears has more fun than he does. When they swap places for a day, it doesn't take Noddy long to realize that being Big-Ears is much harder than he thought.
  • Noddy Helps Out
    Noddy Helps Out
    Episode 511 mins
    Noddy promised to help all his friends.
  • Noddy Can Fix It
    Noddy Can Fix It
    Episode 610 mins
    Noddy decides to fix his car himself when it breaks down, but he only makes matters worse.
  • Noddy and the Skittles
    Noddy and the Skittles
    Episode 710 mins
    Skittles keep Noddy from flying his kite.
  • Don't Be Late, Noddy
    Don't Be Late, Noddy
    Episode 810 mins
    Noddy's picnic is interrupted when he realizes he is late to meet the toy train.
  • Noddy the Artist
    Noddy the Artist
    Episode 910 mins
    When Noddy wants to learn to paint, the contradictory advice of all his friends leads him to lose confidence.
  • Mr. Plod, the Best Policeman
    Mr. Plod, the Best Policeman
    Episode 1011 mins
    Noddy fakes a crime to make it look like Mr. Plod solved a big case.
  • No Nap for Noddy
    No Nap for Noddy
    Episode 1111 mins
    Noddy stays up after seeing that Mr. Sparks like to do so.
  • Noddy Loses His Bell
    Noddy Loses His Bell
    Episode 1210 mins
    Noddy loses the bell on his hat and must retrace his steps to find it.
  • Up, Up and Away
    Up, Up and Away
    Episode 1310 mins
    Martha Monkey is convinced that her new bunch of balloons will win her more friends, but the balloons sweep her high up off the ground; when Noddy helps her out, she realizes that she already has true friends.
  • The Big Fib
    The Big Fib
    Episode 1410 mins
    Noddy lies about something, only to see his tale expand at such an alarming rate it has the whole town up in arms.
  • Noddy's Family Tree
    Noddy's Family Tree
    Episode 1510 mins
    The Goblins lure Noddy into the Dark Woods in order to help him locate his family tree, but their plan to leave him there and steal his car is foiled by his family and friends.
  • The Listening Game
    The Listening Game
    Episode 1610 mins
    When everyone else in Toy Town is too busy to play with him, Dinah Doll teaches Noddy a game he can play on his own.
  • Noddy and the Lost Tool
    Noddy and the Lost Tool
    Episode 1710 mins
    Noddy borrows a tool without asking, then loses it.
  • Bumpy Dog's Visit
    Bumpy Dog's Visit
    Episode 1810 mins
    Noddy thinks taking care of Bumpy Dog should be easy.
  • The Toy Town Parade
    The Toy Town Parade
    Episode 1910 mins
    The Toy Town residents can't decide who will go first in their parade.
  • The Balancing Act
    The Balancing Act
    Episode 2010 mins
    Mr. Jumbo and Clockwork Mouse are working on an act for the town parade, and Noddy helps them to practice.
  • Clockwork Mouse's Wish
    Clockwork Mouse's Wish
    Episode 2110 mins
    Clockwork Mouse is tired of being little, so he uses Mr. Jumbo's plant-growing spray in an effort to make himself bigger.
  • The Tell-Tale Bell
    The Tell-Tale Bell
    Episode 2210 mins
    Big-Ears casts a spell on Noddy's hat bell.
  • The Case of the Missing Ball
    The Case of the Missing Ball
    Episode 2310 mins
    Tiny the ball bounces so high, he disappears.
  • The Great Train Chase
    The Great Train Chase
    Episode 2411 mins
    Tubby Bear drives off in a toy train.
  • Noddy and the Missing Muffins
    Noddy and the Missing Muffins
    Episode 2610 mins
    Noddy and Mr. Plod play Sherlock Holmes to find stolen muffins.
  • Forgive Me Not
    Forgive Me Not
    Episode 2710 mins
    Noddy hurts Martha Monkey's feelings when he forgets to invite her to a party.
  • Bicycle Battle
    Bicycle Battle
    Episode 2810 mins
    When a bicycle race takes place in Toy Town, Martha Monkey and Noddy find themselves entered on a two-seater but are at odds throughout the race.
  • Lie Down Mr. Wobbly Man
    Lie Down Mr. Wobbly Man
    Episode 2910 mins
    Noddy and Tessie Bear attempt to teach Mr Wobbly Man to lie down and watch the clouds on his birthday, but it proves to be quite a difficult task.
  • Noddy Through the Looking Glass
    Noddy Through the Looking Glass
    Episode 3010 mins
    Noddy touches something he shouldn't in Big Ears' house and finds himself in a topsy-turvy world.
  • Mr. Plod in Jail
    Mr. Plod in Jail
    Episode 3110 mins
    Mr. Plod locks himself in his own jail after a day of booking everyone for the slightest thing.
  • Goblins Above
    Goblins Above
    Episode 3210 mins
    Sly and Gobbo steal Noddy's airplane and go joy riding, disturbing the peace in Toy Town and causing trouble for everyone.
  • Noddy and the Big Chicken Roundup
    Noddy and the Big Chicken Roundup
    Episode 3311 mins
    Noddy leaves a trail of corn through the town.
  • Master Tubby Goblin
    Master Tubby Goblin
    Episode 3410 mins
    Sly and Gobbo believe that if they declare Master Tubby to be a fellow goblin, he will do their mischief and take their punishment.
  • Driving Miss Pink Cat
    Driving Miss Pink Cat
    Episode 3510 mins
    Miss Pink Cat offers Noddy all the ice cream he can eat if he will be her driver.
  • Fire Chief Dinah
    Fire Chief Dinah
    Episode 3610 mins
    Dinah Doll becomes chief of the Toy Town fire brigade.
  • Noddy Best Driver in the World
    Noddy Best Driver in the World
    Episode 3810 mins
    Noddy, a wooden boy who lives in Toyland, introduces social concepts for preschoolers.
  • The Great Goblin Giveaway
    The Great Goblin Giveaway
    Episode 3911 mins
    Unable to find a box of naughty spells, Gobbo orders Sly to clean up their messy treehouse.
  • Above It All
    Above It All
    Episode 4010 mins
    Mr. Plod has had enough and warns Sly and Gobbo not to set foot in town until they are willing to behave.
  • Noddy And the Magic Sound Cups
    Noddy And the Magic Sound Cups
    Episode 4110 mins
    Noddy buys a pair of magic sound cups which accidentally swaps his voice with that of a bird's.
  • Mr. Plod's Little Problem
    Mr. Plod's Little Problem
    Episode 4211 mins
    Because of their size, two bugs have trouble following the Toy Town rules.
  • Noddy Gets Lost
    Noddy Gets Lost
    Episode 4410 mins
    Noddy refuses to ask for directions to the beach.
  • Noddy's Great Discovery
    Noddy's Great Discovery
    Episode 4511 mins
    Noddy finds some money in the street and wonders if he should spend it.
  • Noddy and the Funny Pictures
    Noddy and the Funny Pictures
    Episode 4610 mins
    Martha Monkey gets a new camera so she can take some embarrassing photos of Noddy.
  • Master Tubby's Name Game
    Master Tubby's Name Game
    Episode 4710 mins
    Master Tubby gives everyone funny new nicknames.
  • Noddy Needs Some Medicine
    Noddy Needs Some Medicine
    Episode 4810 mins
    Sly and Gobbo convince Noddy that his cold medicine will have awful side effects.
  • Noddy Has a Difficult Day
    Noddy Has a Difficult Day
    Episode 4910 mins
    The goblins persuade Noddy to give them a free taxi ride that never seems to end.
  • Noddy and the Towering Flower
    Noddy and the Towering Flower
    Episode 5011 mins
    Noddy and Master Tubby want to grow a better flower than Dinah Doll and Tessie Bear.

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