Make Way for Noddy

Make Way for Noddy

Kids3 Seasons
Noddy, a wooden boy who lives in Toyland, introduces social concepts.
  • Too Many Noddies
    Episode 110 mins
    Noddy uses a magic spell to split his workload.
  • Noddy and the New Taxi
    Episode 210 mins
    Rival business.
  • Noddy and the Magic Bagpipes
    Episode 311 mins
    Magical bagpipes.
  • Noddy Has a Visitor
    Episode 410 mins
    Martha Monkey moves into Noddy's house and takes advantage of his kindness.
  • Noddy's Perfect Gift
    Episode 510 mins
    Noddy sets out to sing a song he has written to Tessie Bear for her birthday.
  • Noddy's Lucky Day
    Episode 611 mins
    Mr. Sparks' fortune telling machine promises Noddy a great day.
  • Policeman for a Day
    Episode 710 mins
    Noddy does a favor.
  • Bounce Alert in Toy Town
    Episode 810 mins
    Noddy befriends a ball who can't bounce.
  • Tickled Pink
    Episode 910 mins
    Noddy uses a magic spell to make him the funniest joke teller in town.
  • Noddy's Pet Chicken
    Episode 1010 mins
    Noddy brings home a lost chicken.
  • Noddy Goes Shopping
    Episode 1110 mins
    Noddy messes up a shopping trip because of his poor memory.
  • Hold Onto Your Hat, Noddy
    Episode 1210 mins
    Noddy plans a surprise party to cheer up Big-Ears.
  • Toy Town's Winning Team
    Episode 1310 mins
    Mr. Wobbly Man wants to play soccer but doesn't have feet to kick with.
  • Noddy and the Bumper Monster
    Episode 1410 mins
    Martha Monkey's prank backfires when the lamppost she ties to Noddy's bumper comes loose.
  • The Magic Powder
    Episode 1510 mins
    The goblins create a foot powder that makes everyone dance.
  • A Bike for Big Ears
    Episode 1610 mins
    When Noddy accidentally runs over Big Ears' bike, he has it repaired better than new.
  • Noddy and the Voice of Plod
    Episode 1710 mins
    Noddy's reckless driving causes Mr. Plod to accidentally swallow his whistle.
  • Master Tubby's Opposite Day
    Episode 1811 mins
    Master Tubby Bear becomes tired of hearing answers that are opposite of what he wants.
  • Don't Be Scared, Noddy
    Episode 1911 mins
    Shadows, noises and imaginary monsters make a good night's sleep impossible.
  • Noddy the Rainbow Chaser
    Episode 2010 mins
    Noddy and Master Tubby Bear set off to find the pot of gold at the end of Toyland's rainbow.
  • The Magic Rubber
    Episode 2111 mins
    When a magic rubber eraser falls out of Big Ears' art kit, the goblins get it and cause trouble.
  • Noddy's Clothes on the Loose
    Episode 2211 mins
    The goblins put a spell on Noddy's clothes, making them come alive.
  • Noddy's Special Treat
    Episode 2310 mins
    Seaside trip.
  • Noddy and the Curious Package
    Episode 2410 mins
    Noddy's curiosity gets the better of him when he has to deliver a package.
  • The Goblins and the Invisible Paint
    Episode 2510 mins
    Noddy, a wooden boy who lives in Toyland, introduces social concepts for preschoolers.
  • Shelf Help
    Episode 2610 mins
    Big-Ears poses as a stranger in order to teach Noddy how to be more self-reliant.
  • Googleberry Moon
    Episode 2711 mins
    Sly and Gobbo ruin the Googleberry celebration by stealing all of the berries.
  • Noddy and the Criss Cross Cups
    Episode 2810 mins
    When Noddy buys a pair of Magic Sound Cups, he accidentally swaps voices with a bird.
  • Good Neighbor Noddy
    Episode 2910 mins
    Noddy helps a friend.
  • Goblin Good Deed Day
    Episode 3711 mins
    Sly and Gobbo must do a good deed or they will lose their magical powers.

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