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  • Knight of the Phoenix Part 1
    Episode 145 mins
    Dying millionaire saves cop and gives him a new name.
  • Knight of the Phoenix Part 2
    Episode 245 mins
    Michael Knight seeks revenge on his partner's killers.
  • Deadly Maneuvers
    Episode 349 mins
    Michael helps an Army officer investigate her colonel father's strange death.
  • Good Day at White Rock
    Episode 448 mins
    Sheriff arrests Michael for interfering with a biker gang.
  • Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular
    Episode 548 mins
    Organizers of an auto-stunt show fall prey to a developer.
  • Just My Bill
    Episode 648 mins
    Michael and KITT guard a controversial senator opposing water-power legislation.
  • Not a Drop to Drink
    Episode 748 mins
    A cattle rancher asks Michael to foil politicians who want to steal his water rights.
  • No Big Thing
    Episode 848 mins
    Jailed for a traffic infraction, Devon sees a cellmate murdered.
  • Trust Doesn't Rust
    Episode 947 mins
    Two thieves unleash KITT's prototype KARR, programmed without an instruction to protect human life.
  • Inside Out
    Episode 1048 mins
    Michael sets out to capture thieves who plan to rob a truck carrying a supply of gold bullion.
  • The Final Verdict
    Episode 1148 mins
    A former girlfriend needs Michael's help when she is accused of murdering her boss.
  • Plush Ride
    Episode 1248 mins
    Michael joins a security agency to find an agent planning to kill a peace-conference delegate.
  • Forget Me Not
    Episode 1349 mins
    Michael protects the president of a small Latin American republic.
  • Hearts of Stone
    Episode 1448 mins
    In Texas, Michael and KITT target gunrunners handling assault rifles.
  • Give Me Liberty ... Or Give Me Death
    Episode 1548 mins
    Saboteurs threaten competitors in a 2,000-mile road race for alternative fuel vehicles.
  • The Topaz Connection
    Episode 1648 mins
    A magazine publisher's daughter links her father's murder to a top secret expose.
  • A Nice, Indecent Little Town
    Episode 1748 mins
    Michael and KITT learn a peaceful town's Bible-printing plant harbors counterfeiters.
  • Chariot of Gold
    Episode 1848 mins
    A sinister society drugs Bonnie to reprogram KITT for a museum robbery.
  • White Bird
    Episode 1948 mins
    Michael's ex-fiancée is implicated in her attorney boss's underworld dealings.
  • Knight Moves
    Episode 2048 mins
    Hostile competitors harass an alliance of independent truckers.
  • Nobody Does It Better
    Episode 2148 mins
    Michael works with a private detective to quash corporate espionage.
  • Short Notice
    Episode 2248 mins
    Michael faces murder charges after killing a member of a motorcycle gang.
  • Goliath Part 1
    Episode 145 mins
    Evil Garthe Knight plans to steal missiles using a truck made like KITT.
  • Goliath
    Episode 245 mins
    Goliath damages KITT, leaving Michael to rebuild him.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Episode 348 mins
    KITT frees a prisoner who can stop a city-wide explosion.
  • Merchants of Death
    Episode 448 mins
    Michael uncovers an illegal weapons ring while searching for a missing woman.
  • Blind Spot
    Episode 548 mins
    Michael and a blind witness pursue exploitative owners of an auto wrecking yard.
  • Return to Cadiz
    Episode 648 mins
    A diving incident points to a historian doing illegal salvage.
  • KITT the Cat
    Episode 748 mins
    Thefts are wrongfully blamed on the daughter of a deceased cat burglar.
  • Custom KITT
    Episode 848 mins
    KITT is bait at a car show to nab classic car thieves.
  • Soul Survivor
    Episode 948 mins
    A thief wanting only KITT's supertough body transfers the computer into a television.
  • Ring of Fire
    Episode 1048 mins
    Michael fights KITT's deteriorating wiring to rescue a wife from an escaped inmate in the bayou.
  • Knightmares
    Episode 1148 mins
    Amnesiac Michael reverts to his old identity but must recover to save a girl's life.
  • Silent Knight
    Episode 1247 mins
    A young Gypsy steals a watch which could link a trio of thieves to a bank robbery.
  • Knight in Shining Armor
    Episode 1348 mins
    An explorer's daughter becomes the target of her father's killer.
  • Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend
    Episode 1448 mins
    Michael becomes entangled in an international world of finance and fashion.
  • White Line Warriors
    Episode 1548 mins
    A resort village plagued by burglaries suspects local auto racing clubs.
  • Race for Life
    Episode 1648 mins
    Michael and KITT must find a fugitive, the only potential bone marrow donor, to save a child.
  • Speed Demons
    Episode 1748 mins
    Michael and KITT must stop a killer at the Foundation's motorcycle race.
  • Goliath Returns Part 1
    Episode 1845 mins
    Evil Garthe Knight escapes from prison and rebuilds the supertruck Goliath.
  • Goliath Returns
    Episode 1945 mins
    Michael and KITT duel Garthe and Goliath to save April, Devon and a laser-technologist.
  • A Good Knight's Work
    Episode 2048 mins
    Michael helps a toy maker and is targeted for death by old adversary Cameron Zachery.
  • Mouth of the Snake Part 1
    Episode 2145 mins
    Michael and KITT help a reclusive agent and the widow probe a government lawyer's murder.
  • Mouth of the Snake
    Episode 2245 mins
    The team links the lawyer's murder to a gangster smuggling gold to finance an attack.
  • Let It Be Me
    Episode 2348 mins
    Michael poses as singer to solve a musician's overdose.
  • Big Iron
    Episode 2448 mins
    Ex-partners are suspected of hijacking construction gear.
  • The Knight of the Drones Part 1
    Episode 145 mins
    A weapons designer uses robots for protection in a break-in.
  • The Knight of the Drones
    Episode 248 mins
    Devon and Michael realize Halston is trying to recover a satellite he invented.
  • Ice Bandits
    Episode 348 mins
    Michael and KITT track diamond thieves to wine-producing monks in the Napa Valley.
  • Knights of the Fast Lane
    Episode 448 mins
    A football team owner injures a woman in a hit-and-run accident.
  • Halloween Knight
    Episode 548 mins
    Flu-sufferer Bonnie sees a man in a gorilla suit strangle a woman, but no one will believe her.
  • KITT vs. KARR
    Episode 648 mins
    An auto mechanic recovers and repairs KITT's prototype, unaware of its evil capacities.
  • The Rotten Apples
    Episode 748 mins
    A corporation hires rustlers to intimidate a psychiatrist at a children's ranch.
  • Knight in Disgrace
    Episode 848 mins
    Framed Michael must clear himself and stop a mobster's plans to sell a deadly germ.
  • Dead of Knight
    Episode 948 mins
    A dancer dies from poison gas meant for Michael, who searches desperately for its source.
  • Lost Knight
    Episode 1048 mins
    A boy adopts KITT, which is amnesiac after a collision.
  • Knight of the Chameleon
    Episode 1148 mins
    The fugitive Chameleon poses as Michael to gain access to a prototype jet-pack.
  • Custom Made Killer
    Episode 1248 mins
    A loan shark hires a hit man with a high-tech car to ruin clothing manufacturers.
  • Knight by a Nose
    Episode 1348 mins
    A veterinarian tells a trainer a top Thoroughbred broke its leg and was destroyed.
  • Junkyard Dog
    Episode 1448 mins
    A probe of a toxic-waste dump nearly destroys KITT.
  • Buyout
    Episode 1548 mins
    Michael assists the employees of a company that makes special limousines.
  • Knightlines
    Episode 1648 mins
    KITT and Michael probe a suspicious death at a military think-tank.
  • The Nineteenth Hole
    Episode 1748 mins
    Michael enters KITT in a race to catch an intimidator.
  • Knight and Knerd
    Episode 1848 mins
    A nuclear scientist is kidnapped, but the abductor needs his daughter to complete a plan.
  • Ten Wheel Trouble
    Episode 1948 mins
    The leader of an independent group of truckers is framed for murder.
  • Knight in Retreat
    Episode 2048 mins
    A woman running a posh health spa recruits top scientists for a spy ring.
  • Knight Strike
    Episode 2148 mins
    Michael searches a desert resort for a police captain, the only link to stolen weapons.
  • Circus Knights
    Episode 2248 mins
    Michael performs as Turbo Man in a circus while investigating a man's aerial accident.
  • Knight of the Juggernaut Part 1
    Episode 145 mins
    A motorized battering ram wrecks KITT.
  • Knight of the Juggernaut Part 2
    Episode 245 mins
    Michael and rebuilt KITT rush to complete mission.
  • KITTnap
    Episode 348 mins
    KITT tries to nab two convicts fleeing to South America.
  • Sky Knight
    Episode 448 mins
    Hijackers threaten to kill airline passenger hostages one by one, including Bonnie.
  • Burial Ground
    Episode 548 mins
    A greedy oil man threatens an Indian burial ground.
  • The Wrong Crowd
    Episode 648 mins
    A gang forces a young computer whiz to help hijack a truck, not knowing it is a missile's target.
  • Knight Sting
    Episode 748 mins
    A scientist admits he helped steal lethal bacteria now up for sale.
  • Many Happy Returns
    Episode 848 mins
    Michael and KITT battle a military hovercraft hijacked for sale to a weaponeer.
  • Knight Racer
    Episode 948 mins
    A prototype race car designed by Bonnie's college chum inexplicably explodes.
  • Knight Behind Bars
    Episode 1048 mins
    Corrupt prison officials force an inmate gymnast to steal government documents.
  • Knight Song
    Episode 1148 mins
    A famous performer's plans to clean up a neighborhood are sabotaged.
  • The Scent of Roses
    Episode 1248 mins
    After recovering from a near-fatal bullet, Michael resigns from the Foundation and decides to marry his girlfriend.
  • Killer KITT
    Episode 1348 mins
    An electronics genius seeking recognition for his work at the Foundation reprograms KITT.
  • Out of the Woods
    Episode 1448 mins
    A Foundation supporter's illegal logging is exposed when he asks Devon's help.
  • Deadly Knightshade
    Episode 1548 mins
    Michael sets out to prove a magician is responsible for the death of a wealthy businessman.
  • Redemption of a Champion
    Episode 1648 mins
    Michael joins the training camp of a boxer blackmailed into fighting.
  • Knight of a Thousand Devils
    Episode 1748 mins
    Michael hopes to catch the mobster responsible for a federal agent's death.
  • Hills of Fire
    Episode 1848 mins
    Michael uses a satellite infiltration drone to thwart a $10 million narcotics deal.
  • Knight Flight to Freedom
    Episode 1948 mins
    Michael attempts to rescue a F.L.A.G. agent caught in a Central American revolution.
  • Fright Knight
    Episode 2048 mins
    Michael poses as a stuntman in an effort to catch the deadly saboteur who is terrorizing a movie set.
  • Knight of the Rising Sun
    Episode 2148 mins
    Ninja warriors kidnap an industrialist's adopted son, thinking him a descendant of their leader.
  • Voodoo Knight
    Episode 2248 mins
    A voodoo princess and her henchmen will stop at nothing to possess an ancient crown being held at a private vault company.

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