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Arap Bethke, Altaír Jarabo, María Elisa Camargo

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Cesar Ferrer is the main suspect when his wife goes missing without a trace, but he takes the investigation into his own hands and finds many secrets.
  • Who Was Adriana Molina?
    Episode 1 - 53 mins
    When Adriana goes missing, Cesar follows his wife's trail, but nothing adds up.
  • Guilty or Not
    Episode 2 - 53 mins
    Several people have motive to get rid of Adriana, but facts lead to Cesar.
  • Nobody's Diana
    Episode 3 - 53 mins
    Francisco Javier confesses he is Adriana’s lover, and Cesar unlocks his wife’s cell phone.
  • When Illusions Are Over
    Episode 4 - 43 mins
    With the DNA test confirmed, Francisco Javier accuses Cesar Ferrer of murdering his wife.
  • Cheating Carpenter
    Episode 5 - 41 mins
    Cesar agrees to work at Camila's house, and a call exposes Renata; Noelia is interrogated.
  • The Daughter
    Episode 6 - 43 mins
    Barros takes Noelia, and Cesar flies off the handle; Elvira confronts her son, and he confesses.
  • A Difficult Separation
    Episode 7 - 43 mins
    Francisco wants to confirm that the bikini belongs to Mariana, and when he doesn't find it, he questions his mother.
  • My Father's Girlfriend
    Episode 8 - 43 mins
    Noelia believes her father left her for a woman and recognizes Francisco's picture; Cesar asks for help.
  • Ana Rivero
    Episode 9 - 43 mins
    Camila and Ines follow the clues and find a new alias; a picture reveals Rocio's past.
  • Finally We Are Face-to-Face
    Episode 10 - 43 mins
    Rocio gives Cesar a set of keys, and the two lives of Adriana Molina collide.
  • The Orphan Girl
    Episode 11 - 43 mins
    Francisco Javier confesses what he knows about Mariana, and Cesar responds with a direct accusation.
  • A Deposit
    Episode 12 - 43 mins
    Camila and Francisco Javier corner their mother because of the money she transferred to Adriana, and Renata tells the truth.
  • Disappearing for a Million
    Episode 13 - 43 mins
    Renata confesses she made a pact with Mariana because saving the family was the goal.
  • Departure
    Episode 14 - 42 mins
    When she discovers who Cesar is, Renata forces him to choose; Camila surrenders to love, and there is a witness.
  • Love Sacrifice
    Episode 15 - 41 mins
    When Cesar meets with Camila, he can't do otherwise than follow Renata's instructions.
  • Ines, the Accomplice
    Episode 16 - 40 mins
    Francisco needs to discover who ‘Carita Sucia’ is, and he knows where to ask; Camila is devastated.
  • First Birthday Without You
    Episode 17 - 41 mins
    Noelia makes a wish, and Camila needs to confirm if what she heard about Cesar is true.
  • The Worst of Them All
    Episode 18 - 41 mins
    Ines finds a connection between Jacinta and Estela’s deaths and threatens the culprit.
  • Serial Killer
    Episode 19 - 40 mins
    All clues point to one person; Ines demands Francisco take action.
  • The Fourth Victim
    Episode 20 - 37 mins
    Francisco tells Linda and Barros what he knows; he requests them to prevent another woman’s death.
  • Media Scavengers
    Episode 21 - 43 mins
    The appearance of Noelia on the screen causes a commotion; Cesar reacts to the media’s harassment.
  • The Press Falls in Love
    Episode 22 - 43 mins
    Adriana is in the news, and the media sides in favor of Cesar; Tomas confesses with his brother.
  • Who is Kevin?
    Episode 23 - 43 mins
    Eva confesses to Renata what Pascual is doing because he cheats on her with a man.
  • Madame Senator Secrets
    Episode 24 - 43 mins
    Alejandra bites Camila’s bait; Renata recognizes the voice who answered the call.
  • Kidnapping
    Episode 25 - 43 mins
    Noelia disappears. Renata confirms her suspicions, talks with Eva and manipulates her; she wants revenge.
  • Adriana's Return
    Episode 26 - 43 mins
    A call disconcerts Cesar; Ferrer and his past meet face-to-face.
  • Adriana's Hideout
    Episode 27 - 43 mins
    Francisco corroborates where Adriana is hidden, and Noelia’s dream comes true.
  • Love Is Not Easy
    Episode 29 - 43 mins
    A photograph of Cesar and Camila published in the media causes uproar, and Noelia is the most affected.
  • Madame Senator's Miracle
    Episode 30 - 43 mins
    Alejandra creates a strategy to win the election, and Adriana Molina is a vital component.
  • The Wedding
    Episode 31 - 43 mins
    At the ceremony, doubt reigns, and memories are a menace; Alejandra makes an announcement.
  • The Ransom
    Episode 32 - 43 mins
    An agreement based on mutual conditions is the perfect solution for Adriana and Madame Senator.
  • Welcome Home
    Episode 33 - 41 mins
    Adriana comes back even though Noelia is not happy; she only wishes to escape, which is why she is a threat.
  • Incomplete Love
    Episode 34 - 42 mins
    Circumstances give Camila a perfect opportunity; the best move is to give in to her mother.
  • The Siren
    Episode 35 - 42 mins
    Renata gets flustered when she hears audio messages with her husband's voice; the threat is real.
  • Imminent Danger
    Episode 36 - 42 mins
    An attack on Ferrer's home causes a great loss for Adriana; somebody wants to kill her.
  • A Perfect Family
    Episode 37 - 42 mins
    Adriana surprises Renata with her visit; she comes to warn that there is no more time to negotiate.
  • Mariana Stanford
    Episode 38 - 42 mins
    An enigmatic woman arrives in San Diego; Alejandra looks for Pluto, and he demands something in return.
  • The Park
    Episode 39 - 42 mins
    Francisco goes to the appointed place, and a bullet changes the course of the events.
  • Adriana's Death and Her Lives
    Episode 40 - 42 mins
    Alejandra asks Chuy to protect her, and Francisco makes a direct accusation when he finds her.
  • Good Riddance, Adriana
    Episode 41 - 42 mins
    Linda's complaint is enough to make Cesar accept that there is only one path for him.
  • The Scape
    Episode 42 - 42 mins
    Camila is convinced that Cesar made a severe mistake, but she will prove his innocence.
  • Marcial Herrera
    Episode 43 - 42 mins
    Looking for information at the club gives good results; Camila has a name that can take her to the assassin.
  • The Route of Love
    Episode 45 - 42 mins
    What Camila needs is in a picture, and a company plane will take her to her destination.
  • Both Are Fugitives
    Episode 46 - 46 mins
    Camila looks for Cesar; she is a pilot and knows what to do; Francisco is bewildered.
  • Noelia's Mistake
    Episode 47 - 55 mins
    An act of nostalgia speeds things along; Camila and Cesar get a head start on their plans; the danger is imminent.
  • The Prisoner
    Episode 48 - 43 mins
    Cesar loses sight of Noelia while Camila looks for the money; the debacle starts there.
  • Good Riddance, Loyal Secretary
    Episode 49 - 43 mins
    Eva wants to tell Francisco everything, but Renata doesn't let her and takes extreme measures.
  • Unattended Funeral
    Episode 50 - 43 mins
    Olga becomes exasperated, and Renata intimidates her to prevent her from talking; getting rid of the evidence is necessary.
  • Dirty Face
    Episode 51 - 43 mins
    Adriana is ready to run away, but Pascual changes the game and she admits she created a monster.
  • Blame It on the Betrayal
    Episode 52 - 43 mins
    Francisco’s announcement unsettles Madam Senator; she will not let anything ruin her campaign.
  • Eva Rojas's Burial
    Episode 53 - 43 mins
    Adriana gives good news to Pascual, but his reaction is not what she expected; she looks for help.
  • First Home
    Episode 54 - 43 mins
    Safe under her new identity, Adriana remembers the day she planned everything with Chuy.
  • Open Your Eyes
    Episode 55 - 43 mins
    Although somebody tries to manipulate him, Francisco confirms his suspicion and finally discovers the truth.
  • Between Life and Death
    Episode 56 - 43 mins
    Camila looks for the park employee and confirms that Cesar didn’t shoot, but it is too late for forgiveness.
  • Impending Victory
    Episode 57 - 43 mins
    The election process starts, and Madam Senator must confront rumors about her personal life.
  • The Crucifix
    Episode 58 - 43 mins
    The clues Adriana left take Camila to the orphanage; she looks for information about the real murderer.
  • Nothing Is the Same
    Episode 59 - 43 mins
    Alejandra reacts to the signs and begins to suspect, and a photograph confirms her fears.
  • The Trial
    Episode 60 - 43 mins
    When his lawyer declares him guilty, Cesar refuses and demands his constitutional right.
  • Goodbye, Sister Mariana
    Episode 61 - 43 mins
    Like her twin sister, Adriana returns to the Stanford mansion, but she doesn’t receive the welcome she was expecting.
  • Mariana Stanford's Return
    Episode 62 - 43 mins
    Adriana’s arrival at her sister’s house is not what she expected; Camila finds the evidence.
  • With No Other Option
    Episode 63 - 43 mins
    Francisco’s complaint leaves Pascual between the wall and the sword; there is only one way out.
  • The Duel
    Episode 64 - 43 mins
    With shock, they find Alejandra's corpse, but Camila's distress goes way beyond.
  • The Nephew
    Episode 65 - 43 mins
    Chuy gets Beatriz's mother to confirm his real origin; he is part of the family.
  • Unfinished Love
    Episode 66 - 43 mins
    Francisco confesses to Mariana what he felt for her sister; Adriana almost can't restrain herself.
  • The Professor
    Episode 67 - 43 mins
    Cesar arrives at Stanford's home for the interview and insists on talking with Mariana.
  • He Is His Father
    Episode 68 - 43 mins
    Olga gives Chuy a strong reason for stopping his vengeance against the Del Rio.
  • Impostor
    Episode 69 - 43 mins
    Chuy refuses to believe Pascual is his father; Olga explains he also was deceived.
  • Camila's Suspicions
    Episode 70 - 43 mins
    Camila uses a visit to the orphanage to look for information and makes her mother confess.
  • Father and Son
    Episode 71 - 43 mins
    Chuy deceives Pascual, and the first step is to control him; then, he will make him live bait.
  • Hunting the Hunters
    Episode 72 - 53 mins
    After being asked for help and confirming Cara Sucia's identity, Camila must travel immediately.
  • Half-Siblings
    Episode 73 - 43 mins
    Chuy confesses to Camila his real origin, she is excited, but he only wants Adriana.
  • The Kidnapping
    Episode 74 - 43 mins
    Cesar already knows who Cara Sucia is; he has Camila, and Adriana explains what they must do to rescue her.
  • Rescue Camila
    Episode 75 - 43 mins
    Adriana wants to redeem herself and get Camila back, but stopping Cara Sucia isn't easy.
  • Few Turtles Reach the Sea
    Episode 76 - 43 mins
    Camila recalls the memories she shared with Chuy, but he can’t control his rage and pays dearly for it.

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