Guess with Jess

Guess with Jess

Kids1 Season
Charlie George, Daniel Anthony, Maria Darling
Jess the Cat and friends learn about the world around them.
  • How Can I Go Up and Down on the See-Saw?
    Episode 120 mins
    Baa and Billie have built a fantastic new see-saw.
  • How Can We Make a Boat?
    Episode 220 mins
    Jess and his friends experiment with things that float and things that sink.
  • What's Happened to Chloe the Caterpillar?
    Episode 420 mins
    Jess wants to introduce his caterpillar friend to Willow.
  • Who Did I Hear in the Big Hollow Log?
    Episode 620 mins
    Jess is looking for someone to play with when he hears someone calling.
  • Who Wants to Live in Baa's Meadown?
    Episode 820 mins
    Jess visits Baa in Buttercup Meadow.
  • Why Do Spiders Build Webs?
    Episode 920 mins
    Jess discovers Baa's fear of spiders and webs.
  • Where Has My Puddle Gone?
    Episode 1320 mins
    Jess and the puppies wonder where a puddle has gone when it disappears.
  • Why Do Bees Make Honey?
    Episode 1520 mins
    Horace helps Jess learn why bees make honey.
  • When Will the Water Come Back?
    Episode 1620 mins
    When the water bowls freeze, Jess tries to find out when the water on Greendale Farm will be back.
  • Where's My Feather Gone?
    Episode 1720 mins
    Jess loses his special feather, but soon finds out where it's gone when he follows Little Bird.
  • Why Won't My Kite Fly?
    Episode 1920 mins
    Mimi makes Jess a kite.
  • How Can We Make Music for Mimi?
    Episode 2120 mins
    Mimi lost the handle of her music box.
  • What's That Grumbly Rumbly Noise?
    Episode 2420 mins
    Jess tries to find out where a strange rumbly sound is coming from.
  • What Do We Need to Grow Beans?
    Episode 2720 mins
    Jess wants to grow beans for Mimi.
  • How Can I Stop Little Bird Eating the Seeds?
    Episode 2820 mins
    Mimi is upset with Little Bird.
  • What's My Favourite Thing About Spring?
    Episode 2920 mins
    Jess will get a special surprise if he can tell Mimi his favorite thing about spring.
  • How Can We Make the Most Beautiful Garden Ever?
    Episode 3020 mins
    Mimi's garden is all messy.
  • How Can We Hide to Watch Butterflies?
    Episode 3320 mins
    Jess needs to build something to hide behind so the butterflies don't see them.
  • How Can I Make My Peach Soft?
    Episode 3520 mins
    Jess wants to make a peach soft.
  • What's the Funny Little Creature in the Pond?
    Episode 4120 mins
    Jess meets a new friend in Horace's pond but he doesn't know what it is?
  • How Can I Cheer Up Kevin?
    Episode 4320 mins
    Jess and his friends decide to clean Kevin's pond, but Kevin is unhappy with his pond.
  • What Shall We Have for Our Harvest Breakfast?
    Episode 4420 mins
    Jess, the curious black-and-white cat, and his farmyard friends explore the everyday world around them.
  • How Can I Make the Wagon Go Faster?
    Episode 4620 mins
    Jess tries to think of ways to make his little trolley go faster, and Willow's blanket might be just the answer.
  • What's Happening to My Little Tree?
    Episode 4920 mins
    Jess tries to find out what is wrong with his little tree when it starts to turn brown.
  • What's That Green Hairy Stuff?
    Episode 5020 mins
    There is green hairy stuff growing all over town.
  • Why Are Acorns Buried Under the Tree?
    Episode 5220 mins
    There is a pile of acorns buried under the tree and no one knows who put them there.

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