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  • The Girl of Legend
    Episode 123 mins
    Miaka Yuki finds an old book that turns out to be rather absorbing.
  • The Priestess of Suzaku
    Episode 223 mins
    An encounter with the Emperor of Konan leads to Miaka discovering her purpose and her destiny.
  • The Seven Stars of Suzaku
    Episode 323 mins
    Miaka must find the seven Celestial Warriors; she already has two, and the third soon reveals himself.
  • Missing Love
    Episode 423 mins
    Miaka comes to understand Nuriko's feelings, and by assisting him, understands Hotohori's feelings, too.
  • Bewildered Heartbeat
    Episode 523 mins
    In order to return her to her own world, the Celestial Warriors accompany Miaka on a voyage.
  • Even If I Die...
    Episode 623 mins
    Trapped in a mirror, Miaka faces herself in an all too literal way; Miaka must make a tough choice.
  • Going Home
    Episode 723 mins
    Taiitsukun reveals herself and the way to return Miaka to her home.
  • Brief Parting
    Episode 823 mins
    Miaka returns home, only to find herself restless; she struggles with deciding where she belongs.
  • Enemies Unseen
    Episode 923 mins
    Miaka learns that an assassin from another country is targeting her.
  • Looking for Yui
    Episode 1023 mins
    Troubled by advice from Chichiri, and in search of the missing Yui, Miaka travels to Kuto alone.
  • Priestess of Seiryuu
    Episode 1123 mins
    Miaka is the Priestess of Suzaku, and it turns out that Yui is the Priestess of Seiryu.
  • Only You
    Episode 1223 mins
    Distraught over Yui's pain and rage, Miaka commits herself again to assembling the Suzaku Seven.
  • For the Sake of Love
    Episode 1323 mins
    Tamahome gives himself to the Kuto Empire in order to buy Miaka time to find the other Suzaku Seven.
  • Wolf in the Fortress
    Episode 1423 mins
    Miaka searches for the fifth of the Celestial Warriors, but ends up being taken hostage.
  • The City of Resurrection
    Episode 1523 mins
    Miaka pursues a rumor about someone with the ability to resurrect the dead, but falls gravely ill.
  • Battle of Sorrow
    Episode 1623 mins
    Miaka must die in order for Shoka's powers of revival to work.
  • Magic Flute
    Episode 1723 mins
    An attempt on Miaka's life reveals the seventh of the Suzaku Seven, the flute-playing Chiriko.
  • Love Trap
    Episode 1823 mins
    With the help of Chichiri's powers, Miaka and Tamahome make a promise to be reunited.
  • Shattered Love
    Episode 1923 mins
    Miaka escapes from prison following Yui's ambush and searches for Tamahome.
  • Unreachable Hope
    Episode 2023 mins
    Tamahome is not the same person that Miaka knows and loves.
  • To Protect You
    Episode 2123 mins
    Hotohori attempts to comfort Miaka as she struggles desperately to overcome her love.
  • I'll Never Leave You
    Episode 2223 mins
    Tamahome and Hotohori clash; Tamahome and Miaka's love has the power to create miracles.
  • Shadow of Intrigue
    Episode 2323 mins
    With Tamahome finally back to normal, the Konan Empire begins the preparations to summon Suzaku.
  • Resolution
    Episode 2423 mins
    The Celestial Warriors and the Priestess begin the ceremony to summon Suzaku.
  • Love and Sorrow
    Episode 2523 mins
    Taiitsukun shows up to reveal there is still a way to summon Suzaku.
  • Star Festival
    Episode 2623 mins
    Miaka and the Suzaku Seven prepare for their trip to Hokkan, the land of Genbu.
  • Tombstone Oath
    Episode 2723 mins
    Suboshi, the twin of Amiboshi, wants revenge for the death of his brother.
  • The Ancient Path
    Episode 2823 mins
    As Miaka and the Suzaku Seven travel to Hokkan.
  • Mysteries Afoot
    Episode 2923 mins
    Back on Earth, Miaka's brother Keisuke researches the origins of the Universe of the Four Gods.
  • The Flash of Battle
    Episode 3023 mins
    A sudden attack on their ship leaves Miaka, Nuriko and Tamahome trapped in a cave.
  • Whirlpool of Doubt
    Episode 3123 mins
    Miaka and the Warriors search for the Shinzaho in the city of Touran; Tamahome may have the answer.
  • To Die for the Star of Suzaku
    Episode 3223 mins
    Nuriko fights off the bestial Ashitare; Tamahome contronts Yui.
  • Nuriko, Eternal Farewell
    Episode 3323 mins
    Nuriko opens the door to the Shinzaho, but not without a cost; a happy occasion is tainted by grief.
  • Guardians of Ice
    Episode 3423 mins
    Within the cave of the Shinzaho, the Suzaku Warriors are confronted by ghosts of the Genbu Warriors.
  • Hell's Mirage
    Episode 3523 mins
    The Shinzaho is stolen from Miaka by someone once thought dead.
  • Trampled Love
    Episode 3623 mins
    Acting on a bad feeling, Tamahome races to find Miaka; he instead finds Nakago.
  • Bewitched Warmth
    Episode 3723 mins
    Tamahome's kindness is too much for Miaka to bear after her encounter with Nakago.
  • Dawn of the Heart
    Episode 3823 mins
    Miaka is tempted to forget everything, while Tamahome is tempted to abandon hope.
  • Bewitched Illusions
    Episode 3923 mins
    Miaka and Tamahome have a moment to embrace before Tomo of the Seiryu Warriors attacks.
  • Deceptive Love
    Episode 4023 mins
    Caught in Tomo's fantasy world, Miaka is shown a world of love, kindness and happy things.
  • Sunlight of Rebirth
    Episode 4123 mins
    After defeating Tomo, Miaka and the Suzaku Warriors recover in Sairo; Tamahome distances himself.
  • Unbreachable Wall
    Episode 4223 mins
    While Tamahome and Miaka chase after each other, the Seiryu Warriors move to take another Shinzaho.
  • Farewell Reunion
    Episode 4323 mins
    Tatara of the Byakko Seven reveals the truth about love between warrior and priestess.
  • Moment of Battle
    Episode 4423 mins
    Chiriko is possessed by the evil Miboshi, and the Suzaku Seven must fight one of their own.
  • Divergent Light
    Episode 4523 mins
    Yui summons Seiryu and then makes her first wish; everything changes, in both love and war.
  • The Young Man of Reality
    Episode 4623 mins
    Yui wants to separate Miaka from Tamahome by returning to Earth.
  • Repose of the Soul's Light
    Episode 4723 mins
    Tamahome searches for the meaning of his existence; Mitsukake knows exactly what his purpose is.
  • Even Wagering on This Life
    Episode 4823 mins
    After being saved from Suboshi by Tamahome in the real world, Miaka is able to speak with Hotohori.
  • Wedding Celebration
    Episode 4923 mins
    Miaka is able to tell Yui about Nakago's treachery, just before Nakago appears.
  • Atonement
    Episode 5023 mins
    Tamahome struggles with Nakago while Yui struggle with her inner doubt.
  • Entrusted Hope
    Episode 5123 mins
    Miaka uses Yui's sacrifice to summon the beast-god Suzaku against Nakago.
  • For My Loved One
    Episode 5223 mins
    The Suzaku Seven reunite with the priestess; the final battle begins against Nakago.

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