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Adventures of a mischievous young flower girl and her garden friends.
  • Fifi's Talent Show
    Episode 110 mins
    All the tots enter a talent contest.
  • Flowertots Fall Out
    Episode 210 mins
    Primrose and Violet have an argument and Primrose goes to stay with Fifi.
  • Bumble Catches a Cold
    Episode 310 mins
    Bumble has a cold and can't go on a picnic with the other Flower Tots.
  • Smelly Slugsy
    Episode 410 mins
    Slugsy has invited Primrose to supper but she has refused.
  • Bumble Gets a Makeover
    Episode 510 mins
    Bumble's hive is looking tired but he hasn't got time to repaint it.
  • Bumble Helps Out
    Episode 610 mins
    Fifi is extremely busy and Bumble tries his best to help her out.
  • Stingo Gets Stuck
    Episode 710 mins
    Webby's web has got dirty and everything has come unstuck from it.
  • Flowertots Go Nuts
    Episode 810 mins
    Strange objects have appeared in the garden after a storm.
  • Bumble's Big Race
    Episode 910 mins
    Stingo challenges Bumble to a flying race.
  • Blueberry Surprise
    Episode 1010 mins
    Pimrose and Violet's garden is full of fallen blueberries.
  • Picture Perfect
    Episode 1110 mins
    The Flower Tots have a painting competition to win a surprise prize.
  • Violet's Party
    Episode 1210 mins
    Violet is having a birthday party and everyone in Flower Tot garden is invited.
  • Leave It to Stingo
    Episode 1310 mins
    A storm caused much damage in Flower tot Garden.
  • Mud Spies
    Episode 1410 mins
    Making mud pies.
  • Treasure Hunt
    Episode 1510 mins
    Fifi has lost a brooch Violet made for her.
  • Sports Day
    Episode 1610 mins
    The tots hold a summer sports day.
  • Fee Fi Fo Fum Fifi
    Episode 1710 mins
    Fifi tells Pip the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Life's a Beach
    Episode 1810 mins
    It's a hot day and the tots decide to make a beach in the garden.
  • Fifi's in Charge
    Episode 1910 mins
    Fifi is looking after Poppy's stall for her; Pip is helping out with the deliveries.
  • Hole Lot of Fun
    Episode 2010 mins
    Slugsy has a brilliant idea for a competition.
  • Knitting Nonsense
    Episode 2110 mins
    Knitting is missing.
  • Spotty Pip
    Episode 2210 mins
    Stingo convinces Pip that he has Flowertot spots.
  • Don't Go Changing
    Episode 2310 mins
    Wish to be someone else.
  • The Wasps That Cried Ouch
    Episode 2410 mins
    When Bumble gets injured, the other Flowertots are full of concern.
  • Primrose's Perfume Scent
    Episode 2510 mins
    Fifi and Bumble make Primrose a new perfume.
  • Chocolate Surprise
    Episode 2610 mins
    Fifi has promised to make a cake for the Flowertot garden party.
  • Pip Learns to Dance
    Episode 2710 mins
    Pip visits everyone in the garden to see if they can give him some tips on how to dance.
  • Fizzy Business
    Episode 2810 mins
    Fifi and Bumble make lemonade for all the tots.
  • Belle of the Ball
    Episode 2910 mins
    Fifi helps the other tots find something to wear to the big party.
  • Flying Lessons
    Episode 3010 mins
    Stingo is tired of Slugsy being slow and asks the flowertots for help to get him airborne.
  • Fifi's Big Crunch Day
    Episode 3110 mins
    The flowertots have all grown crunch fruit and vegetables for a big crunch day.
  • Fifi's Scarecrow
    Episode 3210 mins
    Fifi builds a scarecrow to scare the butterflies off her vegetables.
  • Soup of the Day
    Episode 3310 mins
    Fifi is about to make soup, when Primrose takes over.
  • Fiddlesticks Fifi
    Episode 3410 mins
    Bumble goes to get Fifi a new spade but doesn't come back.
  • Fifi's Good Turn
    Episode 3510 mins
    Aunt tulip receives a prize for the best garden.
  • Forget Me Tot
    Episode 3610 mins
    Fifi can't remember what she promised to whom.
  • Fancy Free Fifi
    Episode 3710 mins
    Bumble and Violet persuade Fifi to take a day off from all her gardening.
  • Stingo's Shopping Spree
    Episode 3810 mins
    Stingo and Slugsy offer to do all the shopping.
  • Fifi Follows the Clues
    Episode 3910 mins
    Fifi follows clues to find missing pies she baked for the tots' picnic.
  • Big Band Night
    Episode 4010 mins
    Fifi has a sore throat and Bumble's drums and honey are missing on the day of the Flowertot concert.
  • Daisy Chain Dance
    Episode 4110 mins
    The tots want to hold their annual daisy chain dance in the garden but it is all muddy.
  • Fun at the Funfair
    Episode 4210 mins
    The tots decide to have a funfair and everyone does their best to make it a memorable day.
  • Flowertot Babysitter
    Episode 4310 mins
    Adventures of a mischievous young flower girl and her garden friends.
  • Singalong Song
    Episode 4410 mins
    Everyone is enchanted by the mystery singing in Flowertot garden.
  • Pip the Gardener
    Episode 4510 mins
    Pip wants to be a gardener like Fifi but does not know how much work it is.
  • Slugsy's Rescue
    Episode 4610 mins
    Slugsy helps Stingo get an apple out of a tree.
  • Flowertot Milkshake
    Episode 4710 mins
    Pips grows some wild strawberries, but squashes them on his way to Fifi's picnic.
  • Flowertot Rainbow
    Episode 4810 mins
    Fifi forgets to water her flowers.
  • Frosty Morning
    Episode 4910 mins
    It's cold outside; Fifi's pipes freeze; Sting offers to help out.
  • Poppy's Day Off
    Episode 5010 mins
    Adventures of a mischievous young flower girl and her garden friends.
  • Can We Have Our Ball Back?
    Episode 5110 mins
    Will Fif's coaching help Fuzzbuzz when Pip agrees to a football match with Stingo and Slugsy?
  • Violet's Big Bracelet
    Episode 5210 mins
    Fifi is sure she's supposed to be going somewhere important, but cannot remember where.

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