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  • Denton vs. Denton
    Episode 118 mins
    Maria can't stand Donnie's drinking and verbal abuse and has already moved on to another boyfriend.
  • Clay vs. Baptiste
    Episode 218 mins
    Latrishia believes Raymond's PTSD from the Navy has taken a toll on their sex life and relationship.
  • Jackson vs. Chatmon
    Episode 318 mins
    Constant disappearing acts by Delbert have pushed Chynna to the deep end.
  • Doss vs. Jones
    Episode 419 mins
    Cornisha says Jawaun leaves for weeks at a time, often returning broke and jobless.
  • Sanders vs. Sanders
    Episode 518 mins
    Tahani says Cymbre is controlling, and his fits of jealous rage have caused her to lose a job.
  • Preston vs. Council
    Episode 619 mins
    Nikkinba is indecisive; Muriel is controlling and continually breaks his phones.
  • Lawrence vs. Lawrence
    Episode 718 mins
    Keith told Paw'lla he wants to bring two foreign women into their relationship.
  • Cordova vs. Morris
    Episode 818 mins
    Diana isn't ready to compromise her invitations to other men.
  • Winborn vs. Winborn
    Episode 918 mins
    Christy is done with Demetrice's nonstop video gaming; he says she is bossy and insecure.
  • Parker vs. Barksdale
    Episode 1019 mins
    Ebony is getting tired of being the parent in the relationship; Gary claims she is verbally abusive.
  • Douglas vs. Kirksey
    Episode 1119 mins
    No matter how hard Demont tries, he's always looking up at the bar Reasha keeps raising.
  • Brickle vs. Banks
    Episode 1218 mins
    Jonathan's girlfriend is sexually attracted to other women and doesn't work to support her children.
  • Kraudel vs. Hodge
    Episode 1318 mins
    Romeo doesn't invite Emily to parties, because she's an attention hound, and it's embarrassing.
  • Umbles vs. Umbles
    Episode 1419 mins
    Corey has cheated on his wife with 27 women but wants a divorce because she had an affair.
  • Molyneaux vs. Rivera
    Episode 1518 mins
    Brianna says Steven's selfishness has caused her to frequently doubt her beauty and value.
  • Bellamy vs. Roberts
    Episode 1618 mins
    Markia says Herb's sex drive is out of control, and he throws major tantrums.
  • Hecker vs. Secor
    Episode 1718 mins
    Shea says Jessica constantly punishes him because of her history of cheating exes.
  • Tate vs. Steward
    Episode 1819 mins
    Erin feels like Timothy doesn't care about their relationship, and she's considering moving on.
  • Tarquino vs. Rose
    Episode 1918 mins
    Quanasia can no longer deal with Chandler's over-the-top compulsive lying to cover his affairs.
  • Allen vs. Vizuela
    Episode 2018 mins
    Kayla's excessive drinking and cheating are deal breakers for Bryan; she says he is controlling.
  • Winfrey vs. Moore
    Episode 2118 mins
    Kelley says Keionte is childish; he says she has taken on the role of his mother, and he hates it.
  • Hall vs. Hall
    Episode 2218 mins
    Dwight says Roxy has cost him multiple jobs because she's constantly harassing him at work.
  • Behm vs. Futch
    Episode 2318 mins
    Josh has gone behind Jennifer's back and made many hurtful decisions.
  • Beale vs. Watson
    Episode 2419 mins
    Devonte says Alyssia doesn't trust him and stalks his social media because he cheated.
  • Henderson vs. Henderson
    Episode 2519 mins
    Darnesha still loves Pedro even though he recently had a baby with a woman outside their marriage.
  • Price vs. Price
    Episode 2619 mins
    Krystal holds resentment toward Caleb for proposing only after her father's death.
  • Hawkins vs. Hawkins
    Episode 2718 mins
    Lovers who came together after cheating on their spouses have issues with lying and distrust.
  • Johnson vs. Johnson
    Episode 2818 mins
    Tamara claims Jasmine sends inappropriate texts to other women and men.
  • Hays vs. Jackson
    Episode 2918 mins
    Porcha says her boyfriend's promiscuous behavior is no longer allowed under her roof.
  • Brandenberg vs. Brandenberg
    Episode 3018 mins
    Victoria feels like she's been conned by the man who once swept her off her feet.
  • Ervin vs. Bair
    Episode 3118 mins
    Khasha says Jermaine is always too busy for her; Jermaine says Khasha is messy and disrespectful.
  • Wright vs. McFadden
    Episode 3218 mins
    Jazmin wants to trust Darren but can't because he has cheated with multiple women.
  • McCormick vs. McCormick
    Episode 3318 mins
    Chimira says Bennie runs around with other women and prevents her from being an independent woman.
  • Frazier vs. Thomas
    Episode 3418 mins
    Derrick admits he sees other women, but he doesn't consider it cheating because he's not having sex.
  • Benjamin vs. Stevens
    Episode 3518 mins
    Quey says she's becoming an alcoholic because of Floyd's controlling ways.
  • Ward vs. Greaves-Brown
    Episode 3618 mins
    Latoya says Davarius can't keep a job; he says she sabotages any work he can get.
  • Kaplan vs. Green
    Episode 3718 mins
    Cody and Cheryl lost their home, and Cody pressures Cheryl to leave her 7-year-old daughter and move away.
  • Gray vs. Walker
    Episode 3818 mins
    Kadaveion and Justice's anger issues are tearing them apart, and he questions her baby's paternity.
  • Hall vs. Parker
    Episode 3918 mins
    Rechene does not trust Itarous because of his constant lying; he says she is too immature.
  • Scott vs. Davis
    Episode 4018 mins
    Anita says Ronald is a chronic cheater and a sex addict; he says she treats him like a child.

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