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  • Virgin, Mother, Crone
    Episode 122 mins
    Cybill begins dating again and receives some surprising news.
  • How Can I Call You My Ex-Husbands If You Won't Go Away?
    Episode 223 mins
    Cybill invites Jeff to move in with her and rethinks her relationships with her ex-husbands.
  • As the World Turns to Crap
    Episode 323 mins
    Cybill gets a soap opera role, but her character is comatose.
  • Look Who's Stalking
    Episode 422 mins
    Cybill is attracted to a guy who turns out to be Ira's ex-psychiatrist.
  • Starting on the Wrong Foot
    Episode 523 mins
    Maryann goes on a date for the first time since her divorce; Cybill is hired to play an alien on a show.
  • Call Me Irresponsible
    Episode 622 mins
    Maryann takes Dr. Dick's credit card and Cybill to Las Vegas.
  • See Jeff Jump. Jump, Jeff, Jump!
    Episode 722 mins
    Cybill tries to help stuntman Jeff regain confidence.
  • The Curse of Zoey
    Episode 822 mins
    After Zoey moves in with Ira, Cybill's life mysteriously improves.
  • The Replacements
    Episode 922 mins
    Cybill feels abandoned when Maryann spends all her time with a new beau.
  • Death and Execs
    Episode 1022 mins
    Cybill and Ira begin to date secretly after Cybill has a near-death experience.
  • The Last Temptation of Cybill
    Episode 1122 mins
    Cybill, now dating Ira, is attracted to a handsome, younger man.
  • The Big Sleepover
    Episode 1223 mins
    Cybill and Ira disagree on arrangements when Zoey's beau spends the night.
  • The Cheese Stands Alone
    Episode 1323 mins
    Cybill and Ira clash over careers when his novel is made into a film.
  • Cybill Discovers the Meaning of Life
    Episode 123 mins
    Cybill and Maryann head to the desert in search of spiritual peace.
  • Zing!
    Episode 222 mins
    Cybill falls for the father of a blind date furnished by Maryann.
  • Since I Lost My Baby
    Episode 323 mins
    Jeff's second ex-wife is single and pregnant with his child.
  • Cybill with an "S"
    Episode 423 mins
    Ira's new girlfriend reveals her hidden personality to Cybill.
  • Cybill's Fifteen Minutes
    Episode 521 mins
    The actor Cybill is dating gets arrested with a sex worker.
  • Nice Work If You Can Get It
    Episode 622 mins
    Maryann and Cybill's relationship is under pressure after Maryann offers financial help.
  • To Sir, with Lust
    Episode 723 mins
    Cybill has more than just an academic interest in her acting coach; Zoey rethinks her virginity vow.
  • They Shoot Turkeys, Don't They?
    Episode 823 mins
    Cybill is upset when she has to work on Thanksgiving; Maryann expects to see her son.
  • Local Hero
    Episode 923 mins
    Cybill learns she's a huge television star in Siberia; Rachel moves back home.
  • The Odd Couples
    Episode 1022 mins
    Cybill wants to know Zoey's boyfriend; Maryann fancies herself Ira's muse.
  • Mourning Has Broken
    Episode 1123 mins
    Maryann does everything she can to break up Cybill and an old boyfriend.
  • The Big Apple Can Bite Me
    Episode 1223 mins
    On her birthday, Cybill performs at a New York club where she once flopped.
  • Educating Zoey
    Episode 1323 mins
    Zoey decides against college; Maryann takes an interest in a boxer.
  • Where's Zoey?
    Episode 1422 mins
    Cybill allows Zoey to stay home alone until Zoey lies to help a friend.
  • Lowenstein's Lament
    Episode 1523 mins
    Cybill auditions to play herself in a movie but loses the part to Paula Abdul.
  • Wedding Bell Blues
    Episode 1622 mins
    Cybill's acting rival is engaged to Dr. Dick; Adam Arkin carries a grudge.
  • A Who's Who for What's His Name
    Episode 1722 mins
    Cybill invites celebrity look-alikes to her agent's funeral.
  • Romancing the Crone
    Episode 1822 mins
    Guilt-ridden Cybill insists on caring for an injured screen legend.
  • An Officer and a Thespian
    Episode 1923 mins
    Cybill's research gets out of hand when she goes on a police patrol.
  • Virgin, Mother, Cheater
    Episode 2023 mins
    Rachel fears Kevin is cheating; Cybill tricks Ira into going on a date with Maryann.
  • When You're Hot, You're Hot!
    Episode 2123 mins
    The beginning of menopause takes a toll on Cybill's moods as she thinks about her future.
  • Pal Zoey
    Episode 2223 mins
    Brokenhearted Zoey needs attention; Maryann dates Cousin Lyle.
  • Three Women and a Dummy
    Episode 2323 mins
    For her first date with Ira, Maryann charters a private plane.
  • Going Out with a Bang
    Episode 2423 mins
    Cybill's interest in a young hunk is complicated by his boss's interest in her.
  • Bringing Home the Bacon
    Episode 122 mins
    Cybill's porcine alter ego will be chops if its stage fright continues.
  • Venice or Bust
    Episode 222 mins
    Cybill and Maryann join a face- and body-sculpting class; Zoey packs up.
  • Cybill and Maryann Go to Japan
    Episode 323 mins
    Cybill is pursued by a sumo wrestler while on a publicity tour in Japan with Maryann.
  • It's for You, Mrs. Lincoln
    Episode 423 mins
    Cybill receives a call on her cellular phone while portraying Abe Lincoln's wife onstage.
  • Cybill, Get Your Gun
    Episode 522 mins
    Robbery victim Cybill takes a self-defense course; Dr. Dick disappears, and Maryann is a suspect.
  • Cybill Does Diary
    Episode 622 mins
    Cybill and Maryann set out to write an adult film that appeals to women.
  • Sex, Drugs and Catholicism
    Episode 723 mins
    Zoey hangs out with Ira's new girlfriend; Maryann gets religion.
  • Going to Hell in a Limo Part 1
    Episode 821 mins
    Cybill lands the lead in a sci-fi series; Zoey sees Holly's true colors.
  • Going to Hell in a Limo Part 2
    Episode 922 mins
    Cybill smells a rat behind co-star Jack's apology; maid of honor Zoey has second thoughts.
  • Buffalo Gals
    Episode 1022 mins
    Cybill impersonates Maryann at her high-school reunion when she decides to spend time with her son.
  • A Hell of a Christmas
    Episode 1123 mins
    Cybill's overbearing mom visits; Maryann volunteers to go Christmas shopping.
  • The Little Drummer Girls
    Episode 1223 mins
    Cybill drags Maryann, Rachel and Zoey to a New Age therapy session.
  • Bachelor Party
    Episode 1321 mins
    Cybill moves Ira's bachelor party from the track to a strip club to please her producer.
  • Little Bo Beep
    Episode 1421 mins
    Animal activists led by Lamb Chop picket Cybill; Maryann meets a new Dr. Dick.
  • In Her Dreams
    Episode 1521 mins
    After a fight with Maryann, Cybill tells Ira how they met in the casting offices of "Rocky."
  • Valentine's Day
    Episode 1622 mins
    Cybill feels sad being alone on Valentine's Day when Zoey and Maryann's visiting son hit it off.
  • Kiss Me, You Fool
    Episode 1722 mins
    Action hero Jeff gets Cybill a co-starring role in his movie.
  • True Confessions
    Episode 1822 mins
    While basing a character on Maryann, Cybill makes a shocking discovery about her friend.
  • Name That Tune
    Episode 1922 mins
    Maryann thinks she is pregnant; Cybill gets a game show gig.
  • From Boca, with Love
    Episode 2022 mins
    Cybill wants Ira's mother to stay with her until she gives Zoey some advice she doesn't like.
  • All of Me
    Episode 2122 mins
    An ad agency uses a waiflike body double for Cybill; Justin two-times Zoey.
  • The Wedding
    Episode 2222 mins
    A stressful weekend apart has Cybill and Maryann at wits' end.
  • The Piano
    Episode 2322 mins
    Favor-seeker Cybill agrees to speak at a testimonial for Dr. Dick's wife.
  • There Was an Old Woman
    Episode 2422 mins
    A disguised Cybill tries to warn Maryann about Richard's impending proposal.
  • Mother's Day
    Episode 2522 mins
    Cybill's visiting mother overhears her daughter's unkind words.
  • Let's Stalk
    Episode 2622 mins
    The women decide to torment Dr. Dick for old time's sake.
  • Regarding Henry
    Episode 122 mins
    While undergoing past life regression therapy, Cybill encounters Maryann in King Henry VIII's court.
  • The Love of Her Life
    Episode 222 mins
    Cybill eagerly takes back an old flame, shocking Maryann.
  • The Big, Flouncy Thing
    Episode 322 mins
    Zoey rejects Cybill's fashion advice; Cybill and Maryann plot against a cad.
  • Some Like It Hot
    Episode 422 mins
    Cybill's mother visits just as she decides not to use hormones to ease menopause.
  • Like Family
    Episode 522 mins
    Sitcom mom Cybill befriends her TV daughter; Rachel chooses a godmother.
  • Earthquake
    Episode 623 mins
    An earthquake causes Cybill to make changes in her life; Rachel has important news.
  • Halloween
    Episode 722 mins
    Friends and family man the phones for Cybill's Halloween pledge drive; Dr. Dick wants Maryann back.
  • Where's a Harpoon When You Need One?
    Episode 822 mins
    Cybill shields Maryann from Dr. Dick's latest attempt to win her back.
  • How to Get a Head in Show Business
    Episode 922 mins
    In London, the women return Cybill's stolen effigy to Madame Tussauds.
  • Grandbaby
    Episode 1022 mins
    Rachel goes into labor just as Maryann has an appendicitis attack.
  • The Golden Years
    Episode 1122 mins
    In 2027, golden-agers Cybill and Maryann sip martinis, insult men and resolve a friendship issue.
  • Show Me the Minnie
    Episode 1222 mins
    The loan officer of financially strapped Cybill is disgruntled fan Minnie.
  • Bakersfield
    Episode 1323 mins
    Cybill delivers a letter she found in her late mother's belongings.
  • Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady
    Episode 1422 mins
    Cybill dates a former lover; Zoey fears seeing Gianni again; Maryann recalls Dr. Dick.
  • Cybill Sheridan's Day Off
    Episode 1522 mins
    High school boys mistake stranded Cybill and Maryann for sex workers.
  • Fine Is Not a Feeling
    Episode 1622 mins
    Cybill convinces Maryann to seek psychiatric help in dealing with her fear of losing her son.
  • Oh Brother!
    Episode 1721 mins
    The women abduct a man they think is birthday boy Ira; Cybill's starstruck niece visits.
  • Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?
    Episode 1823 mins
    Jeff's grandmother still thinks he and Cybill are wed; Maryann delivers a calf.
  • Dream Date
    Episode 1922 mins
    Cybill vows to be nice to the man who turned out to be an awful date but a literal lifesaver.
  • Farewell My Sweet
    Episode 2022 mins
    Allergies force Cybill to give up chocolate; Maryann's parents visit.
  • Daddy
    Episode 2122 mins
    Cybill's charming but unreliable father shows up with an exciting offer.
  • Don Gianni
    Episode 2222 mins
    Zoey's first love, an Italian charmer, makes a pass at Cybill.
  • Cybill in the Morning
    Episode 2322 mins
    Cybill's talk show co-host is a prissy homemaker, and her producer is a cad.
  • Kaboom!
    Episode 2422 mins
    Evil Dr. Dick tricks Maryann out of her fortune; Cybill's morning show gets canceled.

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