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Cruzando Los Límites

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Gabriella Pession, Paolo Briguglia, Alessandro Tedeschi

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Tosca Navarro is a psychiatrist with a difficult past she would like to hide.
  • Everything Has a Solution
    Episode 1 - 54 mins
    Tosca is the head of an adolescent psychiatry unit where she explores each case in depth.
  • Decision
    Episode 2 - 57 mins
    Dora arrives very upset with a confusing diagnosis; Tosca notices something strange.
  • The Fears
    Episode 3 - 56 mins
    To help Silvia with her problems Tosca must first deal with her own demons.
  • Between Yes and No
    Episode 4 - 51 mins
    Tosca's sentimental life turns upside down when Di Muro, an attorney, notices her.
  • Alter Ego
    Episode 5 - 53 mins
    Anna and Alice meet in an extreme situation; they take refuge in each other to achieve stability.
  • Lack of Control
    Episode 6 - 56 mins
    Tosca's team is surprised when she loses control in front of them.
  • Necessary Understanding
    Episode 7 - 52 mins
    Diego collapses in the middle of a boxing match and is referred to Tosca's office.
  • Face-to-Face
    Episode 8 - 55 mins
    Tosca is reunited with a teenager she met in the role of abuser, but is now a victim.
  • Silent
    Episode 9 - 51 mins
    Emma is an orphan with strange behavior patterns.
  • Relapse
    Episode 10 - 52 mins
    Marica no longer has visions, but abandoning treatment is not a good decision.
  • The Moment of Truth
    Episode 11 - 60 mins
    Tosca's best kept secret comes to light and she can no longer hide it from Di Muro.
  • You Are More Than Your Disease
    Episode 12 - 59 mins
    Working at the clinic is therapeutic for Tosca.

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