Comedy11 Seasons
Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, George Wendt
Sam Malone, former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, runs a cozy Boston bar called Cheers, where everybody knows your name.
  • The Improbable Dream Part 1
    Episode 124 mins
    Sam tries to initiate a relationship with Rebecca after her erotic dream about him.
  • The Improbable Dream Part 2
    Episode 224 mins
    Sam is the runner-up in the race for Rebecca when she is swept off her feet by another man.
  • A Bar Is Born
    Episode 324 mins
    Sam, encouraged by Robin Colcord, toys with the idea of opening his own bar.
  • How to Marry a Mailman
    Episode 424 mins
    Cliff acquires a strange case of blindness whenever his new-found love mentions marriage.
  • Two Faces of Norm
    Episode 524 mins
    Norm's creation of a fictional house-painting partner results in real problems for him.
  • The Stork Brings a Crane
    Episode 624 mins
    Lilith goes into labor as the festivities surrounding the bar's 100th anniversary hit a high note.
  • Death Takes a Holiday on Ice
    Episode 723 mins
    Carla holds up well after Eddie is killed in a freak accident -- until his other widow shows up.
  • For Real Men Only
    Episode 823 mins
    The men are too squeamish to attend the circumcision ceremony of Frasier and Lilith's baby.
  • Two Girls for Every Boyd
    Episode 924 mins
    Actor Woody has to explain a stage smooch to his girlfriend; the guys start a `best beard' contest.
  • The Art of the Steal
    Episode 1023 mins
    Sam and Rebecca get trapped in Robin Colcord's Lavish, well protected apartment.
  • Feeble Attraction
    Episode 1124 mins
    Norm is the "love target" of his obsessive former secretary.
  • Sam Ahoy
    Episode 1223 mins
    Sam enlists Carla and Norm to help him race Robin's yacht in the Boston Regatta.
  • Sammy and the Professor
    Episode 1323 mins
    Alexis Smith guest stars as Rebecca's former college professor -- and Sam's new love interest.
  • What Is ... Cliff Clavin?
    Episode 1424 mins
    Cliff's storehouse of irrelevant facts is tested when he becomes a contestant on "Jeopardy!".
  • Finally! Part 1
    Episode 1524 mins
    Rebecca is on cloud nine following an enchanting evening with Robin Colcord, much to Sam's chagrin.
  • Finally! Part 2
    Episode 1624 mins
    Sam faces a moral dilemma as he debates telling Rebecca about Robin's (Roger Rees) cheating ways.
  • Woody or Won't He?
    Episode 1723 mins
    Woody is more than a little concerned when his girlfriend's mother makes passes at him.
  • Severe Crane Damage
    Episode 1823 mins
    Frasier feels inferior following Lilith's talk show appearance; Cliff's medication backfires.
  • Indoor Fun With Sammy and Robby
    Episode 1924 mins
    Egos get a workout when Robin and Sam challenge each other in games of skill.
  • Fifty-Fifty Carla
    Episode 2024 mins
    Carla's low estimation of Eddie's estate leads her to agree to a 50-50 split with his other widow.
  • Bar Wars III: Return of Tecumseh
    Episode 2123 mins
    Cheers once again lags behind in the annual St. Patrick's Day practical joke contest.
  • Loverboyd
    Episode 2223 mins
    Woody decides to elope after misconstruing Sam's advice; Norm pulls designated driver duty.
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Lebec
    Episode 2323 mins
    Carla consults a psychic concerning her late husband's attempts to contact her from beyond.
  • Mr. Otis Regrets
    Episode 2424 mins
    Rebecca sends Sam to spy on her philandering boyfriend, and Woody's singing the new roommate blues.
  • Cry Hard
    Episode 2524 mins
    Rebecca suspects Robin of an ulterior motive after she moves in with him.
  • Cry Harder
    Episode 2623 mins
    Robin and Rebecca face criminal charges following an ill-fated corporate takeover attempt.

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