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Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, George Wendt
Sam Malone, former relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, runs a cozy Boston bar called Cheers, where everybody knows your name.
  • The Proposal
    Episode 124 mins
    Carla and Frasier are dying to know whether Sam proposed to Diane or Janet Eldridge.
  • The Cape Cad
    Episode 224 mins
    Diane has second thoughts about having refused Sam's marriage proposal.
  • Money Dearest
    Episode 323 mins
    Cliff tries to persuade a wealthy man into marrying his mother.
  • Abnormal Psychology
    Episode 424 mins
    Frasier is invited to appear on a televised debate featuring several prominent psychiatrists.
  • House of Horrors With Formal Dining and Used Brick
    Episode 524 mins
    Although she won't admit it, Carla is afraid to spend the night alone in her new house.
  • Tan N' Wash
    Episode 624 mins
    Norm gets the whole gang involved when he invests in a combination laundry and tanning salon.
  • Young Dr. Weinstein
    Episode 724 mins
    Diane brags about her date at a trendy restaurant, so Sam pretends to be a world-famous heart surgeon to get reservations of his own.
  • Knights of the Scimitar
    Episode 824 mins
    Diane uses a college classmate (J. Eddie Peck) to make Sam jealous; Cliff persuades Norm to join his fraternal organization.
  • Thanksgiving Orphans
    Episode 924 mins
    Norm and the gang gather at Carla's house for a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast that evolves into a tumultuous food fight.
  • Everyone Imitates Art
    Episode 1024 mins
    Diane feels as though her life is doomed when a poem she submits for publication is rejected while Sam's amateur poetry is published.
  • The Book of Samuel
    Episode 1124 mins
    Woody tries to find a date to impress his ex-girlfriend (Amanda Wyss), who is visiting Boston with her new boyfriend.
  • Dance, Diane, Dance
    Episode 1224 mins
    A forged letter leads Diane to believe she can make it as a ballerina.
  • Chambers vs. Malone
    Episode 1324 mins
    After Diane refuses his proposal once again, Sam loses his temper and finds himself charged with assault and battery.
  • Diamond Sam
    Episode 1424 mins
    To save his friend money, Norm helps Sam obtain a copy of the expensive engagement ring that Diane chose.
  • Spellbound
    Episode 1524 mins
    When Carla's ex-husband, Nick, and his wife, Loretta, have marital problems, Loretta turns to Carla for advice.
  • Never Love a Goalie
    Episode 1624 mins
    A hockey goalie's (Jay Thomas) game slumps when he begins dating Carla.
  • Never Love a Goalie
    Episode 1724 mins
    Carla blames herself for goalie Eddie LeBec's poor game performance.
  • One Last Fling
    Episode 1824 mins
    Sam and Diane agree to allow each other one last fling before they get married.
  • Dog Bites Cliff
    Episode 1923 mins
    Cliff's plans to sue the owner of a dog that bit him become secondary when he meets the woman to whom the dog belongs.
  • Dinner at Eight-ish
    Episode 2024 mins
    Sam and Diane play referee when they are invited to dinner by Frasier and Lilith.
  • Simon Says
    Episode 2124 mins
    Sam and Diane attend a prenuptial session with prominent marriage counselor Dr. Simon Finch-Royce (John Cleese).
  • The Godfather -- Part III
    Episode 2224 mins
    When Sam's goddaughter (Cady McClain) moves to Boston to attend college, Sam asks Woody to show her around town.
  • Norm's First Hurrah
    Episode 2323 mins
    Things are not exactly as they seem when Norm announces that he's been hired by a prestigious Boston accounting firm.
  • Cheers: The Motion Picture
    Episode 2424 mins
    When Woody's parents insist that their son return to Indiana to escape the decadence of Boston, the gang produces a home movie to refute their claims.
  • A House Is Not a Home
    Episode 2524 mins
    Diane's sympathy for the previous owners of the house she and Sam bought jeopardizes their moving plans.
  • I Do, Adieu
    Episode 2624 mins
    Sam and Diane take those fateful steps toward the altar -- or so it seems.

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