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A dogged investigator returns to her border-town home in San Bonifacio, Texas, and what begins as a search for her sister's killer turns into a fight to bring the corrupt town to its knees. This series is available free with ads to all Peacock users.
Rosario Dawson, John Aylward, Jon Beavers

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  • First Time in Saint Disgrace
    Episode 149 mins
    Allegra Dill returns to Texas after her sister is murdered.
  • Snap, Crackle, Pop
    Episode 243 mins
    A new suspect emerges; Allegra meets Chief of Police Eve Raytek; Jake brings snowcones.
  • Terrible, Shocking Things
    Episode 344 mins
    Jake throws a party; Allegra discovers a secret; a newcomer offers warnings and cocktails.
  • Breadknife Weather
    Episode 443 mins
    Sad thing, funerals.
  • Behind God's Back
    Episode 543 mins
    Allegra and Singe investigate Packingtown; Jake talks to the press; it's pudding day.
  • The Most Sinful MF-er Alive
    Episode 640 mins
    Lights out, guns out.
  • Butterscotch
    Episode 744 mins
    The Senator returns to town; Allegra and Singe investigate someone new; the Colders have a party.
  • Most Likely to Succeed
    Episode 843 mins
    Jake plays croquet; a plan is hatched; the class of '99 is looking ninety-fine.
  • Game Theory and Mescaline
    Episode 943 mins
    Jake and Allegra make the most of a bad situation; Singe gets creative; the Senator takes a meeting.
  • Felicity
    Episode 1048 mins
    Allegra lines them up and knocks them down.

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