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With little in common but their refusal to let their disabilities define them, four entrepreneurs share the challenges they face in their businesses.
  • The Hustle
    Episode 1 - 22 mins
    Four entrepreneurs with disabilities build unique businesses of their own.
  • The Weakest Link
    Episode 2 - 22 mins
    Qiana deals with her employees; Collette gets an order that could catapult her company to success.
  • Breakthrough
    Episode 3 - 22 mins
    Lexi goes after what she wants; Chris' quest for financial security for his daughter is realized.
  • The Apocalypse
    Episode 4 - 22 mins
    The entrepreneurs seem to be on the cusp of success when COVID-19 arrives, derailing their plans.
  • Uncharted Territory
    Episode 5 - 22 mins
    Qiana, Lexi, Collette and Chris slowly come out of lockdown and attempt to begin anew.
  • Family Feuds
    Episode 6 - 22 mins
    Shae calls Chris out for being so obsessed with work; Munchies turns into a war zone.
  • How the Cookie Crumbles
    Episode 7 - 22 mins
    While Lexi is feeling unbridled joy, Qiana must confront a serious health challenge.
  • Family Business
    Episode 8 - 22 mins
    Qiana’s dream threatens to become a nightmare; Lexi’s family unites to help her realize her goal.
  • Think Outside the Box
    Episode 9 - 22 mins
    Qiana and Chris form an unlikely alliance to salvage businesses ravaged by COVID-19.
  • Press On or Pivot?
    Episode 10 - 22 mins
    The entrepreneurs face new obstacles and must decide what they'll sacrifice to follow their dreams.

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