Drama4 SeasonsTVPG
Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord
A rogue pilot uses a high-tech attack helicopter to fight crime.
  • Sweet Britches
    Sweet Britches
    Episode 148 mins
    Dominic and Hawke go to Texas to help a friend missing since escaping from a county jail; guest James Whitmore Jr.
  • Firestorm
    Episode 248 mins
    Hawke must rely on a drunken coward (Eugene Roche) to prevent a former Army officer (Joseph Campanella) from starting World War III.
  • Moffett's Ghost
    Moffett's Ghost
    Episode 348 mins
    While on a secret mission behind the Iron Curtain, Hawke loses control of the on-board computer which was pre-programmed to shoot any aircraft in its range.
  • The Truth About Holly
    The Truth About Holly
    Episode 448 mins
    Rescued from a drug kingpin, Santini's niece (Barbara Howard) becomes increasingly jealous of Caitlin.
  • The Hunted
    The Hunted
    Episode 548 mins
    A business group offers Dominic any sum in exchange for exclusive use of the equipment and crew for an unnamed task.
  • Sins of the Past
    Sins of the Past
    Episode 648 mins
    Hawke and Dominic visit the Virgin Islands to attend the funeral of Dominic's daughter -- whom he hasn't seen since she was a child.
  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel
    Episode 748 mins
    Despite film-stunt injuries, Stringfellow and Dominic go to East Germany to rescue Archangel from the KGB; guest John Ericson.
  • HX1
    Episode 848 mins
    Stringfellow suspects his brother flew a sophisticated gunship that attacked an aircraft corporation.
  • Flight 93 Is Missing
    Flight 93 Is Missing
    Episode 948 mins
    When they learn Caitlin was a passenger on a missing plane, Hawke and Dominic volunteer for the rescue mission.
  • Heroes
    Episode 1047 mins
    Hawke leads a team into Laotian jungles to find his brother, listed as missing in action.
  • Random Target
    Random Target
    Episode 1148 mins
    A flight-service operator is slain after Dominic and Hawke complete his aerial photography job; guest Anne Lockhart.
  • Condemned
    Episode 1248 mins
    Hawke and Caitlin must form an alliance with a Russian military team to find the antidote to a deadly virus.
  • An American Dream
    An American Dream
    Episode 1348 mins
    Hawke spearheads a battle against a former warlord terrorizing other Vietnamese in California; guest Soon-Teck Oh.
  • Inn at the End of the Road
    Inn at the End of the Road
    Episode 1448 mins
    Thieves possess a device that can make any aircraft a warplane; guest Nicholas Campbell.
  • Santini's Millions
    Santini's Millions
    Episode 1548 mins
    Dominic inherits a fortune in stock; an executive attempts a company takeover; guests John Ireland, Jared Martin.
  • Prisoner of Yesterday
    Prisoner of Yesterday
    Episode 1648 mins
    The team tries to save a kidnapped friend (Nicholas Campbell) amid a revolution; guest Michael Constantine.
  • Natural Born
    Natural Born
    Episode 1748 mins
    Hawke asks Santini to work with a teen flying ace (Lance Sloan), but the youth plans to catch his uncle's killer.
  • Out of the Sky
    Out of the Sky
    Episode 1848 mins
    Hawke, Santini and Caitlin try to rescue a singer (Misty Rowe) from a shady promoter/manager (Mayf Nutter).
  • Dambreakers
    Episode 1948 mins
    Hawke and a reporter are held prisoner by terrorists who are using a religious group's settlement to hide their bombing activities.
  • Severance Pay
    Severance Pay
    Episode 2048 mins
    When one of Hawke's friends is denied his retirement benefits, he threatens to divulge sensitive information.
  • Eruption
    Episode 2148 mins
    The eruption of a long-dormant volcano forces Hawke and Santini to land in a small town that seems to be under a spell.
  • Short Walk to Freedom
    Short Walk to Freedom
    Episode 2248 mins
    Stringfellow, Dominic and Caitlin (Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Jean Bruce Scott) are stranded in a Central American jungle with four students.

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