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After joining the high school basketball team to fulfill his mother's wishes, Sora is disappointed to discover that the team is made up of delinquents who have no true interest in the sport.
Yûki Kaji, Katsuyuki Konishi, Sayaka Senbongi

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  • The Ugly Duckling
    Episode 124 mins
    Sora is determined to join the basketball club; the club's members are determined to goof off.
  • Boys without Talent
    Episode 224 mins
    Sora's skill and enthusiasm remind Momoharu of what it means to be passionate about basketball.
  • Momoharu's Wings
    Episode 324 mins
    Punks from Maru High challenge Sora's team to a basketball match.
  • First Flight
    Episode 424 mins
    On the day of the match against Maru High, Sora can't wait to hit the court.
  • Broken Wings
    Episode 524 mins
    Tokitaka believes he's found a way to shut Sora out of the paint.
  • Now's the Time
    Episode 624 mins
    Sora's new strategy puts him in the crosshairs of the defense.
  • The Troublesome Freshman
    Episode 724 mins
    Madoka learns the truth about Sora's mother and the reasoning behind his grand ambitions.
  • The Duck and the Kite
    Episode 824 mins
    Kite learns he shares a common dream with Sora.
  • Kite, His Ball and the Team's Pain
    Episode 924 mins
    Kite's fate was sealed when he laid hands on those upperclassmen.
  • Manager
    Episode 1024 mins
    Sora didn't count on getting a cute and super clumsy team manager in the bargain.
  • The Boys' Stubbornness and the Girls' Pride
    Episode 1124 mins
    Winning the match against the girls' team should be a piece of cake.
  • Team
    Episode 1224 mins
    Sora learns that there is more to Nao's basketball background than meets the eye.
  • Differing Enthusiasm
    Episode 1324 mins
    True passion for the game drives players like Sora to succeed.
  • Towards Victory
    Episode 1424 mins
    Nao has a plan to keep the team on its toes.
  • The Boys' Spirit
    Episode 1524 mins
    The players of Kuzu High have just one practice game to prove they're worth taking seriously.
  • The Best Start and the Worst Start
    Episode 1624 mins
    Kitasumi High gets serious; Nao unveils Kuzu High's super secret defense strategy.
  • Versus
    Episode 1724 mins
    Sora faces the exhausting challenge of guarding Tarou.
  • Now...
    Episode 1824 mins
    With Sora on the sidelines, Tobi becomes the target of Kitasumi High's two-two-one zone press.
  • Higher Than Anyone
    Episode 1924 mins
    Momoharu isn't sure if he has what it takes to be a champion.
  • Last Play
    Episode 2024 mins
    As Sora steps into the role of pointguard, Chiaki steps into the spotlight.
  • Tears
    Episode 2124 mins
    A final shot will decide the fate of the match; Madoka makes a difficult decision.
  • The Last Piece
    Episode 2224 mins
    As Sora and Tobi face off, a towering new player steps onto the court.
  • The Moon and the Hoop
    Episode 2324 mins
    Mokichi's height gives him an advantage on the court, but height alone isn't enough.
  • Light
    Episode 2424 mins
    Midterms have arrived; the team must study to enter the tournament preliminaries.
  • Undiscovered Talent
    Episode 2524 mins
    After a sleepless night, the first match of the tournament has arrived.
  • Rush and Rush
    Episode 2624 mins
    The players of Shinjo High render Chiaki's passing abilities obsolete.
  • The Hard Play
    Episode 2724 mins
    Kuzu's early lead makes no difference to Shinjo High, who quickly takes control of the game.
  • Vow
    Episode 2824 mins
    As halftime approaches, Chiaki makes a decision that could shake the entire team.
  • Bonds
    Episode 2924 mins
    As Kuzu dominates the court, the prospect of winning fades for Shinjo High, but help is on the way.
  • Reason for Living
    Episode 3024 mins
    Kojima has a knee injury, but his skills are formidable.
  • What Must Be Protected
    Episode 3124 mins
    As the end of the game draws near, the players of Kuzu High push themselves to the limit.
  • Time Limit
    Episode 3224 mins
    With only seconds on the clock, the pressure of defending the lead falls squarely on Kuzu High.
  • Life
    Episode 3324 mins
    Sora's teammates deal with the aftermath of their recent match.
  • Light Trails
    Episode 3424 mins
    Sora is nowhere to be found, and in his absence, the basketball team must pick up the pieces.
  • Stand
    Episode 3524 mins
    A new challenger with mysterious motivations approaches Tobi for a game of one-on-one.
  • Kids Are All Right
    Episode 3624 mins
    The team must find a new advisor, so they take matters into their own hands.
  • Tender
    Episode 3724 mins
    It may be raining, but nothing can douse Sora and his teammates' fiery passion for basketball.
  • Earring
    Episode 3824 mins
    Restless and unfocused, Madoka takes the night off to hang out with friends.
  • Fight for Rock for Life
    Episode 3924 mins
    With only one more chance to reach the inter-high, Maru High will have to pull out all the stops.
  • Stop and Go
    Episode 4024 mins
    Yokohama Taiei High is a force to be reckoned with, but not all are suited for a spot on the team.
  • Challenger
    Episode 4124 mins
    The day of the match against Yokohama Taiei High descends, along with a wave of unprecedented heat.
  • War Declaration
    Episode 4224 mins
    After a rocky start, Kuzu plays surprisingly well against Yokohama Taiei High.
  • The Best Lineup
    Episode 4324 mins
    Tobi knows all too well that once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.
  • Fuse
    Episode 4424 mins
    Advice comes from an unexpected source, but it may do more harm than good.
  • Break
    Episode 4524 mins
    Tobi and Sora both have rivalries with other players, but Tobi's is rather one-sided.
  • Certain Proof
    Episode 4624 mins
    Once they find the spark that sets them alight, Kuzu High will not be stopped.
  • Sora the Duck
    Episode 4724 mins
    Sora gets a run for his money when a poker-faced new player leaps onto the court.
  • The Straight Story
    Episode 4824 mins
    Sora recalls how, when he was younger, he used to try shooting baskets one-handed and failed.
  • The Last Period
    Episode 4924 mins
    The fate of the Kuzu High basketball team hangs on the last few seconds of the game.
  • Bridge
    Episode 5024 mins
    The players of Kuzu High wait to see if they've done enough to save the basketball club.

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