Go For It


Coach Slater

There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you slap on the ol’ sweatpants and your favorite cropped t-shirt. We spend so much of our lives in front of screens that it’s easy to forget the joys of getting sweaty. So come on, Bayside! Let’s get physical! Join a team and hit the mat/court/field/pitch/shuffleboard. (Waivers available for students with sweat-related medical conditions).


Bayside football team talking in the locker room.

Bayside Football is a long-standing school tradition that originated in a much different time. As such, we’re re-evaluating its role at the school. Please check back later.

Football players Aisha and Jamie talking in the locker room.

Football captain Aisha Garcia and teammate Jamie Spano discuss the game plan to beat and/or seriously demotivate Valley.


Bayside cheerleader Lexi and other cheerleader talking in the hallway.

Rooted in athleticism, the Bayside High School Cheer Squad rejects your attempts at objectification. Go Bayside!


Bayside wrestlers practicing in the gym.

If you like contact sports that involve more contact than almost every other sport on the planet, you’ll love our wrestling program. Not to be confused with the Professional Wrestling Club.

Aisha and Fish wrestling in the gym.