Go For It

President's Corner

Freshman Class President:
We did it, we finally made it to Bayside! Here’s to four years of Mac Morris-worthy pranks. You’re a legend, Mac!

Sophomore Class President:
Welcome back, Bayside! This year we’re bringing back the FUN! And what’s more fun than beating Valley? Free t-shirts and kombucha for anyone who made the right choice in voting for me.

Senior Class President:
Toddman, it’s been real, but we all know senior year is a joke. (If I’m not allowed to say that, just leave it blank. I don’t want to lie to them.)

Junior class president Daisy sitting at a table.

Junior Class President Daisy Jiménez

Junior Class President:
Last year, we united the students of Douglas and Bayside to change this school for the better. Let’s pick up where we left off to prove to ourselves, to each other, and most of all…to Valley, that Bayside can’t be beat when we rally together. These are the most formative years of our lives, and as your Junior Class President, I’m here to support you through it all. We’ve got a big agenda and so many important issues to tackle. As I always say, the hard work we do now will pay dividends in the future for years to come!