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Five Bedrooms

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Five Bedrooms
Season 2 Available Now

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Five single friends at the singles’ table at a wedding, decide after several bottles of champagne, to pool their money and buy a house together. The roommates journey through disasters, life-turning crises, and moments of love, joy and heartbreak.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 1

Thirty Open Houses

S2 E1 . 46:21
The gang’s plan to buy a new house is upended.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 2

Two Mothers

S2 E2 . 46:22
Ainsley’s gender reveal party is derailed by Lachlan's ex.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 3

Nine Feet

S2 E3 . 46:17
An accident leads Ben to take desperate measures.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 4

Five Wishes

S2 E4 . 45:56
Harry brings his new man to his family's Diwali celebration.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 5

Two Warnings

S2 E5 . 46:31
Heather erupts after getting a workplace complaint.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 6

Twenty-Seven Weeks

S2 E6 . 45:30
A conversation about private schools causes chaos.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 7

Three Messages

S2 E7 . 45:56
Harry leaves regrettable messages on Xavier's phone.

Five Bedrooms S2 Episode 8

One Way

S2 E8 . 44:51
A roommate unexpectedly decides to move out.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 1

Five Housemates

S1 E1 . 45:16
Five singles buy a house and quickly face the fallout.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 2

Twenty Guests

S1 E2 . 45:02
Ben, Ainsley, Harry and Liz celebrate as Heather struggles.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 3

Three Millimeters

S1 E3 . 45:02
Four of the roommates want Ben out for crossing boundaries.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 4

Zero Dollars

S1 E4 . 45:17
As Liz struggles, Ben and Heather test their chemistry.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 5

Five Lies

S1 E5 . 44:56
Liz confirms her suspicions; Harry goes out with Pete again.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 6

Fifty Years

S1 E6 . 44:49
Just before her birthday party, Heather makes a discovery.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 7

Four Meats

S1 E7 . 44:43
A truce is called, but food poisoning plagues the household.

Five Bedrooms S1 Episode 8

One Bid

S1 E8 . 45:41
The five singles weigh whether to sell out or forge on.

Five Bedrooms S2 Key Art

Five Bedrooms

Drama 2 Seasons 16 Episodes TV-MA • TV Series • 2020

After losing their first communal home at an auction, season two finds this one-of-a-kind family house hunting once again, believing they have prevailed as a unique collective. Although this was not what they had imagined for their lives, these five continue to endure the challenges of a new home, a DIY renovation, an injury, two pregnancies, an ex-husband, a workplace bullying complaint, and an unexpected tragedy where love will be lost and found.

Starring: Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson, Roy Joseph, Hugh Sheridan
Creators: Michael Lucas, Christine Bartlett, Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield & Tracey Robertson
Executive Producers: Nathan Mayfield, Tracey Robertson
Writers/Co-Executive Producers: Michael Lucas, Christine Bartlett

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